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Trustman law firm is a hub of legal services performing under all types of areas of practices. Quality, reliability and timely services are the major aspects of Trustman law firm. Being as a leading legal firm, trustman & co comprises a huge team of different attorneys having a specialization in their respective fields. It brings diversity and the art of innovations in the work areas while offering to mass it serve. Trustman Group is one of the top notch communities of legal services offering across the globe. In these successful years of experience, Trustman group has really put the world put off legal matters while serving with authoritative and effective solution. It constitutes members and partners from all across the world that brings diversity and a sense of commitment while catering the needs of the legal world. Acquisition of large firms in Europe and US, merging complex projects, regulatory compliance, media consulting and dispute resolution are some of the high favorable and top rated services being offered by Trustman & co at international level.

The Law firm of Trustman & co, managed to offer with wide area of practices with the worthy support of highly qualified and well experienced lawyers being working on the same fields from the last several successful years. Trustman legal outsourcing comprises of multinational companies to small business houses with varied requisites in order to make their moves with successful career paths. Services ranging from Trademark Law to Partnership Disputes and Franchise Law to Breach of Contract claims and many more are to be served with Trustman & co of India.

Areas of Practice

Trustman & co brings you with credible services in respect of legal matters. Here the area of practice is too large that makes trustman law firm as one of the largest and most favorable legal firm of the nation. Apart from india, trustman & co has also scattered its positive image in other countries of the globe including US and Europe. Services including Intellectual Property right, Administrative law, Arbitration, banking and finance, litigation and family law are some of the highly demanded law services being offered by trustman & co. Apart from these, here below is the mentioned list of complete package of area of practices as concerned by trustman law firm in india.

  • Legal Outsourcing
  • Company formation
  • Corporate law
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Debt collection
  • Real estate
  • Legal risk analysis
  • Intellectual Property right
  • Labor employment
  • Banking & Finance
  • Litigation
  • Legal due diligence
  • White collar crime
  • Administrative law
  • Family law
  • Arbitration
  • Immigration
  • Transactional documentation
  • Business process outsourcing


Here below is the address of trustman & co, from where you can expect top graded law services as offered by well experienced team of attorneys that not only bring you with law services but also suggest with best possible ways of business growth. Thus, if you are looking to contact with trustman law firm just click at here below mentioned address.

New Delhi

8/11, Shahi Hospital Road

Jangpura Extension, New Delhi

110014 INDIA

Tel: 91-9312272269