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Trademark Symbols

Symbols mean a graphic representation of any object or concerned thing. Since ancient times, these symbols revoke how the ancient human beings were and how best they got their work done. Well, as time moves on, these symbols get their way towards law services. Today, trademark symbols have become an integral part of trademark filing in order to protect once goodwill and reputation in the world of trade and commerce. Trademark symbols can be of any kind including words, phases, design, tag lines or combination of these rudiments. It is very important to file your trademark as it protects you in case of any infringement activities. If you’re registered trademark gets copied or any fraudulent activity being done with you, in that case you can claim over that illegitimate party. Trademark symbols are proved to be the best and powerful tool in order to bring your business under a safe roof.

There are basically three types of categories under we can classify our trademark symbols.

  • Unregistered trademark where infringement is not legally enforced is denoted by TM and usually follow to promote goods.
  • Unregistered service trademark that denoted by SM where too infringement is not legally enforced and usually follow to promote service brands.
  • Lastly and majorly registered trademark where any illegitimate or fraudulent / copied can effectively turned to legally enforced. Denoted by R enclosed in a circle.

Here, TM and SM can be used by anyone without any federal registration. But for claiming register trademark one need to follow all points as mentioned under federal trademark registration act as authorized by United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademark Symbols Classifications

Trademark symbols classifications can be carried in several successful ways like international trademark classification, classification of goods and services into different categories, trademark classification in india and lots more. Classification of goods and services in respect of which trademark is being used is called by trademark symbols classification. Here, trademark attorneys usually decide the category in which goods or services supposed to be held while submitting trademark filing application. For international trademark symbols classification there are about 45 classes out of which 11 are for services and 34 are for products. Apart from these, there are many categories including industries stuffs, paints and varnishes, scientific and nautical stuffs, common metals and their alloys, machine tools, chemical and agriculture products, Pharmaceutical, musical instruments, Building materials, Textiles and textile goods, food and drinks stuffs, alcoholic beverages, telecommunications and marketing stuffs, education and training, household and furniture stuffs, apparatus for lighting, vehicles and many more categories are there under which you can choose your trademark symbols to be held with.

Trademark Symbols Services

Trademark symbols services include all those matters that indulged in selecting trademark symbol, classification, registration, filing, how to use trademark symbols, litigation and infringement services in case of any fraudulent acts and how to accompany with other trademark symbols laws. Here, law firms in india comprises an expertise team of trademark attorneys that assist you while complying different trademark symbols services. We equipped with all types of latest technologies and have complete information about latest launched trademark laws and acts. Thus, trademark attorneys of law firms in india serve you with fair and satisfactory services in terms of how to search and register trademark symbol under selective category.

As per the above worthy information about the Trademark Symbols and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Trademark Symbols in the different segments of the nation.