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Trademark Search

A scrupulous Trademark Search is recommended before filing application for the trademark registration, to avert its rejection and make the entire registration process faster and convenient. The trademark search is a comprehensive, critical, and discerning search through all national and international trademark databases, to ensure the originality and acceptability of the proposed trademark for proper registration. The complete trademark search covers all previously registered trademarks, and trademarks which have been formally applied for their registration. The trademark search not only ascertains the availability of the proposed trademark for readily registration, but also informs the searcher about the various possible infringements to be made by it upon the trademarks of other entities. Hence, trademark search is inevitable to avoid rejections by the trademark registry office, and infringement litigations to be imposed. Our experienced and well-connected law firm with international reputation, provides rigorous, flawless, and punctual trademark search services on behalf of entities established in all across India, in various fields of commerce and profession. The international trademark name search is also well-facilitated by us.

Free Trademark Search

Our expeditious and prompt trademark search services (through the online trademark search) are economically available for all types and categories of trademarks commonly used by companies, industries, institutions, and organizations in diverse economic sectors, for impressive and distinct identification of their products or services. To our regular and loyal clients of India and abroad, we provide free trademark search services, in connection with the registration of their proposed trademarks. Our well-informed and expert trademark services are also available for performing trademark registrations under the regulations of Madrid Protocol, Paris Convention, European Community Trademark (CTM), and TRIPS Agreement administered by World Trade organization (WTO). Here, it may be noted that the Indian new Trade Marks Act of 1999, and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, are in close conformity with the rules and regulations of these globally recognized intellectual property authorities.

As per the above worthy information about the Trademark Search and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Trademark Search in the different segments of the nation.