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Trademark Renewal

Timely renewals of trademark are prerequisite for sovereign authoritative rights over one’s trademark, in all future times to come. The Trademark Renewal is the process or instance of getting one’s trademark valid for a period of further 10 years, with the help of any regional trademark offices in India. According to the new Trade Marks Act, 1999 of India, the registration of any trademark must be renewed after every ten (10) years, in order to maintain perpetual validation of the trademark for all business purposes in all across India. Apart from perfect and responsible legal services for registration of all types of trademarks in various economic fields, our nationwide and internationally prominent and popular law firm also provides punctual and secure services for trademark renewal for companies and institutions established in all across India. Punctual and proper renewal of trademarks also offers the owners of these, complete safety from trademark cancellation, misappropriation, and infringement by others. Below is given more information about trademark renewal in india.

Trademark Renewal Application

We support and guide our clients in almost all fields of business, profession, industry, and commerce sectors of economy, in forwarding their punctual trademark renewal applications to the concerned regional trademark offices in every part of India. In India, at present, a trademark renewal is prescribed within ten years from the date of filing of the trademark registration, or its last renewal. Accreditation and validation of any trademark registry are renewed further on payment of prescribed trademark renewal fees to the trademark offices. Any such trademark renewal must be made well before the expiry date, to be on the safest side. However, the new Trade Marks Act, 1999 of India, offers the lavish freedom to pay the renewal fees, even after the expiry date, but within six months from it, along with the requisite late fee, in the manner described. We support well-rounded our clients in the registration and renewal of their distinguished trademarks of all types, for doing business in every part of the country, and also in abroad.

As per the above worthy information about the Trademark Renewal and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Trademark Renewal in the different segments of the nation.