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Trademark Registration in Punjab

Trademark registration Punjab is legal way of protecting unique business entities to start the business anywhere in the country. It is very important legal procedure to protect intellectual property from infringement and unauthorized use. The procsess of registering a trademark is very easy and affordable and creating a trademark will be used legally with services and products and classifying it under any relevant category. By registering a mark legally, the owner of mark will be legally free by getting protection of unauthorized use of mark as well as owner will be eligible for protecting goodwill of business legally. Therefore, trademark registration has great importance to enhance the commercial value of services or goods for which it is applied and enhance the market value of goods or services.

Types of Trademarks

  • ™ A symbol of unregistered trademark.
  • ® A symbol of registered trademark.
  • SM A symbol of service – mark.
  • Other non-conventional Trademarks.

Trademark Services in Punjab

We please to introduce ourselves as leading law firm in Punjab, India, which has developed high specialization in the field of trademark services. Our trademark registration services includes trademark search, trademark filing, trademark litigation, trademark infringement, trademark registration and trademark protection and many more legal services. We comprise of experienced panel of trademark attorneys, legal experts and trademark agents, who can help you regarding any issue of trademark registration. Trademark registration services are offered by in reasonable price according to client’s expectations completely. Our trademark registration process is very easy and reasonably priced to register a trademark in your business entity so that you can get protection from unauthorized use of your trademarks. Trademark search in Punjab will be conducted by the trademark attorneys and they will help you lot to find out the unique and original mark so that you will be capable of protecting your mark legally. How to file trademark application, how to register a trademark legally and how to protect your mark legally will be commenced at Trademark office Punjab. Trademark search in Punjab will be conducted by the experienced trademark attorneys to find out the unique and original mark for commencing business in every part of the country. Online trademark registration in Punjab can register your marks easily at and can make you legally proficient to capture the business understanding of global clients, who are looking for better quality services in reasonable price. We offer trademark registration services in Punjab, which comprises specific areas of trademark services, which are given below:

  • Trademark Search.
  • Trademark Registration.
  • Trademark Protection and Monitoring.
  • Trademark Renewals.
  • International Trademark Registration Services.
  • Trademark Infringement.
  • Trademark Litigation.

Trademark Registrar Office in Punjab

Trade Marks Registry, Delhi

Intellectual Property Bhavan,

Plot NO.32, Section 14,

Dwarka, Delhi-110075

Ph : 011-28082915 / 16 /17

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