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Trademark Registration in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a hilly state in Northern part of India. It is surrounded by states like Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Punjab on the west and south-west, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on the south. The Himachal Pradesh is a wonderful place in the lap of Himalayas. Agriculture contributes to over 45% of the net state domestic product. It is the main source of income and employment in Himachal. But with passing time there are a number of companies which have been established in Himachal Pradesh. A large number of companies have encased on the resources of Himachal like the Tourism sector and the Handicrafts sector. Thus to maintain good will and do safe business, trademark registration Himachal Pradesh is very crucial. Trademark registration services in Himachal Pradesh are done through a series of legal processes which are to be done in a proper manner to receive the Trademark Registration Certificate. There is also an option to go for online trademark registration in Himachal Pradesh. A lot of people are opting for online trademark registration as it saves time and energy.

Trademark services in Himachal Pradesh

There is a foremost need of a Trademark search in Himachal Pradesh and it is very necessary to conduct a trademark search for the relevant classes before filing the application to register a trademark in order to ensure that there is no identical or similar trademark of any pre-existing company or any company who have already submitted the application for trademark registration.

Followed by that, a filing of application for the registration by a person claiming to be the proprietor of a trademark is necessary move. The territorial limits of the business are to be mandatorily mentioned while filing the application for registration of trademark.

The examination of the application is done after that by the Registrar to ascertain whether it is distinctive and does not conflict with existing registered or pending trademarks and accordingly the examination report is issued.

Publication of the application after or before acceptance of the application in the Trademark journal is a necessary and crucial step in the entire process.

After the publication if any person gives notice of his/her opposition to the registration within three months which may be extended to the maximum of one month.

If the opposition has been decided in favour of the applicant of the registration of Trademark, then the Registrar registers the trademark without any further delay.

On the registration of the Trademark, the Registrar issues the Certificate of the Trademark registration to the proprietor.

Trademark Registrar Office in Himachal Pradesh

The trademark registration works are done from the Delhi office ad all legal proceedings are done from there pertaining to any company trademark of Himachal Pradesh.

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