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Trademark Registration in Haryana

Historic Haryana is one of the well-developed and richest States of India, and a major contributor to the national GDP every year. Haryana is a booming State in the north-west India, and a large part of it falls under the National Capital Region (NCR). Carved out of the greater Punjab Province in 1966, Haryana contributed magnificently in the Green Revolution for rendering India self-reliant in its food production. Today, Haryana is immensely famous nationwide for huge production of a broad variety of quality food grains, milk, and a large number of small and big industrial products and equipments. Galloping fields in the economy of Haryana are agriculture and agro-based industries, manufacturing, automobiles, information technology, heavy steel fabrication, paper, textile, real estate, plywood, food processing, and several more.

Therefore, our one of the famous and leading organizations in India for comprehensive range of impeccable services to almost all sectors of economy extends the complete range of corporate services in all across the State of Haryana, including trademark registration haryana. Our trademark registration services in haryana are widely reputed for being elegant, responsible, and quite economical.

Trademark Services in Haryana

For the segment of Trademarks of the Intellectual Property Law, our services are the online trademark registration in haryana, and censorious and scrupulous trademark search in haryana, for professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies belonging to the State Haryana. Critical and proper trademark search is usually prescribed for checking the originality, uniqueness, and validity of the proposed trademark, and thus, to facilitate faster and secure trademark registration. The trademark registration haryana, is also made in accordance with the new Trade Marks Act, 1999 of India in association with the old Trade and Merchandise Marks Act of 1958. The Trade Marks Rules, 2002 of India, is also complied with. Therefore, any trademark registered in the State of Haryana in any desired commercial or professional field, is readily recognized and accredited in all across India for diverse business purposes.

Trademark Registrar Office in Haryana

The registration of trademarks proposed by businessmen and companies doing business in Haryana is regulated and controlled by the office of Trade Marks Registrar, New Delhi. Hence, there is no governmentally accredited trademark office haryana, for this objective. Below is being furnished the proper address of the office of the Registrar of Trade Marks located in New Delhi, in order to serve our visitors regarding smooth trademark registration haryana:

The Registrar of Trade Marks, New Delhi

Intellectual Property Office Building,

Plot No.-32, Sector- 14, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075.

Telephone: 011-28082915/28082916.

Fax: 011-28082917

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.