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Trademark Registration in Bihar

Located adjacent to West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh in the north-eastern part of India, Bihar is widely prominent for its eventful and glorious history, ancient centers of great learning, and growth of religions like Buddhism. Its capital Patna (formerly used to be called as Pataliputra) was a center of administrative and political power during several leading dynasties of ancient India, and thus, a significant center of Indian civilization and culture. But today, its industrial and economic development is quite low. However, it is making gradual progress in most of its economy, with a moderately good growth rate. During the period 2004-2009, the GDP of Bihar grew with a high growth rate of over 10%, which placed it ahead of many developing States of India during the period.

Our impeccable services for the commerce and profession sectors are also provided for great benefits of the entrepreneurs, companies, industrialists, and investors belonging to this third most populous State of India, Bihar. Our trademark registration services in bihar, are just an ancillary part of our legal and professional services to the corporate and institutional sectors. Today, Bihar is preparing diligently for adequate industrial development, besides promoting desired growth in its agricultural and service sectors. Our responsible and economical services for trademark registration bihar, aim to nurture such developments in these sectors.

Trademark Services in Bihar

For great advantages to the business owners and companies doing business in any region of Bihar easily, we provide the prompt facility of online trademark registration in bihar. Expeditious services for secure registration of all types of trademarks pertaining to diverse fields of commerce and profession are extended by our experienced and expert trademark lawyers and intellectual property attorneys. Censorious and thorough trademark search in bihar is also conducted on behalf of businessmen and industries of these all fields for doing business in Bihar. Here, it is noteworthy that all these trademark registrations are performed in strict compliance with the new Trade Marks Act, 1999; old Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958; and, the Trade Marks Rules, 2002; of the Indian Government. Hence, any trademark registered for doing business in Bihar, is also valid and recognized in all other States and Union Territories of all across India.

Trademark Registrar Office in Bihar

Every trademark registration bihar, is undertaken and regulated by the Registrar of Trade Marks, appointed in Kolkata. Hence, there is no trademark office bihar, accredited by the Govt. of India for such exclusive purposes. The address of this Trade Marks Office, Kolkata, is being given below, for quick information to our all visitors pertaining to diverse fields of commerce and profession:

The Registrar of Trade Marks, Kolkata

Intellectual Property Office Building (Baudhik Sampada Bhawan), Fifth Floor,

CP-2, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091.

Telephone: 033-23677311/23675975/23672848.

Fax: 033-23675974

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