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Trademark Registration in Arunachal Pradesh

As its very name evinces, Arunachal Pradesh is a scenic ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, covered by the great greenery of the Himalayas. Arunachal Pradesh is situated in the far northeast, and is a lovely member of the Seven Sister States in north-east India. Our trademark registration services in arunachal pradesh are offered to promote its industrial growth, as the majority of its population is still engaged in agriculture.

Arunachal Pradesh has huge potential for development in the field of hydro-electric power. A variety of forest-based industries can also be set up quite profitably. Owing to its climate and location, Arunachal Pradesh is very propitious for horticultural developments including fruits. Handloom and handicrafts are other lucrative fields. Small scale industries in many other fields are expected to be feasible and profitable. For such purposes, we support trademark registration arunachal pradesh well-rounded, in all across the State.

Trademark Services in Arunachal Pradesh

Our organization is a widely famous and reputed firm based in India, for elegant and impeccable services to the companies and institutions in almost all fields of commerce and economy. We have been providing such services in every part of India, and also in some countries of the world. All entrepreneurs, investors, companies, business owners belonging to Arunachal Pradesh can very economically avail our great facility of online trademark registration in arunachal pradesh. Scrupulous and thorough trademark search in arunachal pradesh for them is also undertaken by our experienced and expert trademark lawyers and attorneys. Such trademark search checks the validity and acceptability of the selected trademark for proper registration and protection. For all diverse types of trademarks, the trademark registration arunachal pradesh is carried out as per the new Trade Marks Act, 1999 of India, taking necessary references from the old Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958.

Trademark Registrar Office in Arunachal Pradesh

The Office of the Registrar of Trade Marks, located in Kolkata, regulates the registration of all trademarks proposed by people and companies belonging to Arunachal Pradesh. There is no trademark office arunachal pradesh, recognized by Indian government for conducting any trademark registration. However, any agency or company can assist people and companies in performing their trademark registrations with this prescribed Registrar of Trade Marks, Kolkata. For informational purposes, given below is address of this registrar, to facilitate easier and prompt trademark registration arunachal pradesh:

The Registrar of Trade Marks, Kolkata

Intellectual Property Office Building (Baudhik Sampada Bhawan), Fifth Floor,

CP-2, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091.

Telephone: 033-23677311/23675975/23672848.

Fax: 033-23675974

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.