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Trademark Protection

First of all let the question, what is trademark protection, be answered. The trademark protection, is securing the rights granted to the owner of any properly registered trademark, especially from trademark infringements or its misappropriations in any way. The trademark protection act of countries all over the world, thus, help magnificently people and entities of diverse fields of commerce and profession, in keeping this private property unharmed and intact, for smooth and peaceful running of all businesses and activities. Today, online trademark protection, is also available for their prompt help.

A trademark is the intellectual property of a company which offers its any product or service, a unique and distinguished identity in the world of business, and is therefore, a sensitive and vital property of any business for prominence, reputation, and profitability. The trademark protection act protects these legitimate rights of the companies and trademark owners.

Trademark Protection Law

The trademark protection is provided through the national as well as international trademark protection acts and laws. At the domestic or national level, trademark protection is provided either by the State Governments or the Federal Governments, or by both in some countries including USA. But, it is the federal government of the country which provides trademark protection to any registered trademark in all across the country. For worldwide protection to a trademark, the owner of the trademark must obtain due trademark registration with national trademark office, and also with all significant international or regional trademark registration authorities, under the jurisdictions of which any business is to be conducted. Protection to registered trademarks in international arenas is acquired through the Paris Convention, European Community Trademark (CTM), Madrid Route, and TRIPS Agreement.

Trademark Protection Services

Our organization with worldwide reach and reputation has been extending elegant and economical services for trademark registration and trademark protection in all across the world. In addition to the domestic or national trademark offices, we support trademark registration and protection at the international and regional trademark offices, under the above-mentioned conventions, treaties, and agreements concerned with trademarks. The trademark protection in india is provided by the new Trade Marks Act of 1999, together with the old Trade and Merchandise Act or 1958. Today, the trademark protection acts of most of the countries are refined in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of most of the significant international trademark registration offices, to promote international and worldwide businesses. A company of any business sector can easily get trademark registration and protection, in all the member countries to the Paris Convention, or European Community Trademark (CTM), or Madrid Protocol, through filing just a single trademark registration application with the head office of any of these authorities.

As per the above worthy information about the Trademark Protection and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Trademark Protection in the different segments of the nation.