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Trademark Litigation

The Trademark Litigation is caused through filing a trademark infringement lawsuit by the owner of a registered trademark, seeking injunction against further infringement and due compensation from the infringer. The trademark infringement litigation is a prominent civil litigation now-a-days, in almost all fields of commerce and profession, in every part of the world. We have been advocating for and securing the legitimate rights of the individuals, entrepreneurs, business companies, institutions, and organizations of the public and private sectors, for a long time in countries of all across the world. Therefore, our services inseparably include rigorous and economical services for all types of trademark infringement litigations in countries of the world over, including trademark litigation india.

The trademark litigation should be filed after comprehensive investigation to ensure trademark infringement by alleged company, and estimating the financial and commercial damages caused by it so far.

Trademark Litigation Process

The trademark litigation process starts with the confirmation of an infringement made by some company or companies, particularly those which are active in the same field of business. The trademark infringement lawsuit or litigation is to be filed by the owner of a registered trademark, to curb further trademark infringement in any way, or to demand compensation for the damages caused by the infringement. These trademark infringement litigations are filed at the State or Federal law courts. In general, the trademark litigation process involves the following steps or phases:

  • Plaintiff files trademark infringement lawsuit, together with claims of unfair business competition, seeking prompt injunction against further infringement. The plaintiff may also demand compensation for the damaged caused to the business.
  • Defendant is given some specified period of time for response to such complaint or lawsuit.
  • Then, the case enters into the discovery phase. Documents and evidences are presented from each side, demanding equitable resolution. The defendant may request a summary judgment, to avoid the case from going into the trial phase.
  • Otherwise, the case goes to trial, for proper resolution.

Why To Trademark Litigation

The trademark serves as the shining identity to the products or services of a company, to all its customers, distributors, and business clients. It is the intellectual property which distinguishes the products/services of a company from that of other companies, and is sole and significant epitome for certain unique qualities, company’s reliability and reputation, and ultimately a great means for overall optimally profitable business. Thus, the trademark must be kept safe and secured from any type of trademark infringement in any way by any companies of the same or different fields, for promoting and selling their products or services. Every office of our organization has a team of experienced and expert trademark and intellectual property lawyers and attorneys, for helping the owners of registered trademarks well-rounded, in matters of trademark infringement, trademark infringement protection, infringement compensation recovery, and trademark infringement litigation.

As per the above worthy information about the Trademark Litigation and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Trademark Litigation in the different segments of the nation.