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Trademark Law

Before going to deeper and strenuous part of the present article, it is better to define first, what is trademark law. The Trademark Law is a major constituent of the Intellectual Property Law, and deals exclusively with the registration of original and unique trademarks proposed by companies and institutions of diverse sectors of economy. This trademark law, besides approving and registering original trademarks, also gives some exclusive rights to the trademark owners for proper utilization of and protection to the registered trademarks, from trademark infringement etc.

It is the trademark which offers publicity, reputation, and profitability to any product or service of a company, in the world of business, regional, national, or global. This trademark is therefore, very own and personal property of a company, and must not be misappropriated or infringed upon by others in any way ever. In the event of any such cases, the trademark owner can file a rigorous trademark infringement lawsuit against the infringer. These are the facts the trademark law outlines.

Trademark Law Outline

The trademark law offers guidelines about trademark selection, trademark registration, trademark protection, and the trademark litigation, to the trademark owner. Every country has a well-devised trademark law for proper trademark registration and protection, within its jurisdictions. International trademark legislations like the Paris Convention, European Community Trademark (CTM), Madrid Protocol, TRIPS Agreement, etc., are the means for registering and regulating trademarks for peaceful and fair international and worldwide businesses.

The trademark law outlines that must be original and unique, in any of the forms of a name, number, design, symbol, phrase, image, graphic, logo, shape, etc., or a combination of any of these. This trademark should be unambiguously distinct from other trademarks in form, sight, and sound (pronunciation), in order to annul the likelihood of confusion to the customers. In case of trademark infringement, the owner of the registered trademark may file a rigorous and drastic trademark infringement lawsuit against the infringer, together with a demand for due compensation.

Trademark Law Firms

Trademark law firms are the legal organizations which help in making trademark registration, trademark protection, and in trademark infringement and litigation, to businesses of all fields of commerce and profession, within a country or worldwide. These trademark law firms also advice and support for selection of appropriate trademark for the specified business, and for performing the trademark search to check originality. In every country of the world, the number of such trademark law firms is large, some of which have international reputation. Our well-connected and worldwide prominent service organization extends all these services to the entrepreneurs, trademark owners, business owners, institutions, and business corporations of all sectors of economy, in all around the world, including India. Our trademark law services are quite famous and popular in India. The trademark law in india, is governed and regulated by the new Trade Marks Act of 1999, along with the old Trade and Merchandise Act, 1958.

As per the above worthy information about the Trademark Law and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Trademark Law in the different segments of the nation.