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Trademark Classifications

Classification brings your business under various categories and selections. There are many companies in the world who are dealing in multiple products and services, that can register a trademark for different services under different classification. As with the rise in globalization, the business has got its way towards different and multi countries, in order to run a business under safe zone it is important to have trademark classifications of different goods and services.

Once you got your business on the top, it is very familiar to get copied or infringement in terms of different services. It’s also very common to get logo copied by the third party. Thus, trademark classification is a simplest and effective tool to protect your business’s attributes at the international level. Under trademark classifications, you need to select category into which you want to register your goods or services. Different countries generally regulate their own rules for the trademark classifications and every business of different countries needs to follow their prescribed rules for trademark registration. In India, there are almost 34 classes for goods and 11 for services. Once you get your product classified under trademark registration, you can use trademark symbol ® or TM with your product.

Trademark Classification Search

Trademark classification search includes selecting and mentioning the most suitable category in correspondent to your goods and services. As with the due time, the classes are increasing at the constant rate that has made the trademark classification search a complicated one. Trademark classification of goods and services are generally depend upon the nature of your goods and services like class 1 is for chemicals goods, class 2 is for paints and pigments, Class 3 is for bleaching and cosmetics products, class 4 is for fuels and illuminants, class 5 is for Dietetic Pharmaceutical, class 6 is for metals and hardware, class 7 is for Machine Tools, class 8 is for Cutlery, class 9 is for Electronic instruments and software, class 10 is for Dental Instruments and Apparatus, class 11 is for Sanitary Installations, class 12 is for Vehicles and so on. There are total of 34 classes for goods and 11 for services. Thus, it is always suggested to get assistance from any of the top law firm in India, that supports one while trademark classification and its registration. They are usually equipped with the latest information and updated acts in order to serve their clients with quality and reliable services.

Trademark Classifications Services

In India, you would find many law firms those who are famous for offering trademark services under the complete package of IPR services. Here, we talk about law firm in India, comprises a large team of expertise trademark attorneys those who are already in the same IPR law field from the last several successful years. With the support of these experienced trademark classification attorneys, we are able to serve our varied clients with best and satisfactory services. Here, with law firm in India, you would find the complete package of business laws including company registration, patent registration, trademark registration, FPO, SSI, LLC, STPI, FPO, ISO, EOU, FCRA, NBFC, LLP and lots more. Thus, if you are looking for affordable IPR services in India, here is your destination, simply click us on the below online form or e-id and we will revert back with the best suitable solution.

As per the above worthy information about the Trademark Classifications and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Trademark Classifications in the different segments of the nation.