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Tax Audit

Let me begin with the question, what is tax audit?

A Tax Audit is a thorough and scrupulous examination of all financial documents, accounting records, and other related documents of a business company, in order to know and verify the diverse tax liabilities of the company, in the specified financial year. The tax audits are supported or conducted by certified public accountants, quite in conformity with the laws, rules, and regulations of the Taxation followed in the country. For example, the Income Tax Act, 1961, is followed in India, for such purposes. The sales tax audit, income tax audit, etc., come under the gamut of complete tax audit, in most countries of the world. As is also with the case of income tax audit, the sales tax audit is conducted to verify the due and proper amount of sales tax remitted to the governmental tax agencies, by a certain company in the given financial year. Besides helping in performing tax audits, we also advise over complete tax audit protection to business owners of India and other countries of the world, quite economically.

Tax Audit & Legal Issues

Paying taxes is compulsory liability of every individual or company, whose income is above the tax exemption level. Therefore, tax auditing is essentially a legal issue, which must be processed punctually and properly, in company with experience and accredited chartered accountants. Our organization has not only a great many expert chartered accountants but also experienced tax auditing attorneys, besides other professionals. We provided tax audits as per the requirements of various taxation laws, rules, and tax audit procedures of the concerned countries. Our offices are situated all across the world, in well-connecting locations. Therefore, we can promptly and economically support companies and institutions for correspondence audits, office audits, and field audits. We recommend keeping of full and proper financial records for complete tax audit protection and facilitation.

Tax Audit Law Solutions

We have been providing complete solution to tax audits, to companies and institutions of almost all sectors of economy. Our tax audit related services are provided under the following broad categories:

  • Estimation of taxation liabilities and risks: This applies to all types of taxes payable by the company and include the business taxes, sales taxes, corporate taxes, value added taxes, etc.
  • Representation at Tax Audits and Investigations: Our these services encompass analysis of all financial transactions and records, tax consultancy to avert possible anomalies, presenting financial statements and evidences, filing tax returns, etc.
  • Tax Optimization: We are adequately experienced in tax planning and tax optimization lawfully, for reducing tax liabilities, and minimizing tax returns.