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Stock Audit

All the raw materials, semi-processed products, machinery, equipments, office equipments and instruments, information technology devices and systems, etc., are referred to as the Stocks and physical assets of a company. The stock auditing is concerned with prudent and proper management of these all stocks. These stock auditing are particularly significant to all those companies or businesses which are engaged in the processes of manufacturing or production, in any field of commerce and industry. In this article, information about stock audits are given in detail, starting from the very question of what is stock auditing, and stock audit procedure, to the stock audit programmes. The stock audits are essential and vital for efficient and sound management of any business, as about 70% of product cost is invested on raw materials. Ever-rising cost of raw materials and other resources and the business competition, have further enhanced the great importance and usefulness of stringent and flawless stock audits, everywhere. Our well-established organization provides prompt and expert services at quite fair and reasonable charges for perfect and visionary stock auditing of companies of all sizes and fields, in India and other countries of all across the world

Stock Audit Legal Requisites

Besides vital support to the personal corporate management, stock audits are also conducted or are requisite, for getting financial assistance from banks and other financial institutions for conducting the specified business. In these cases, stock audits are to be performed as per the recommendations of the banks and other regulating laws and regulations, for prompt and secured financial assistance from them. The various laws connected with stock audits are --- regulations of banks or other financial institutions, taxation law, insurance law, intellectual property law, business law, commercial law, labor and employment law, maritime and admiralty law, rules and regulations of quality certification agencies, environmental law, real estate and construction law, and other laws and regulations of the concerned jurisdictions.

Stock Audit Law Assistance

We provide legal and other assistance for perfect and efficient stock audits, for providing utmost profitability to the given business. The stock audit is conducted for examination, evaluation, and proper protection of all types of stocks of a company, in order to facilitate right and timely procurement of raw materials in desired quality and quantity, at rather economical and lesser costs. All standard stock audit checklists essentially include these aspects for scrupulous stock auditing. The stock audit procedure and programmes must take into account these elements right the very procurement of raw materials and other physical assets, their critical examination and evaluation, and safe-keeping, to thrift and circumspect management of these. Our firm provides these all services for exquisite stock audits in close and strict conformity with all the above-mentioned laws and regulations.