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SSI Registration

The Small Scale Industries (SSIs) are basic and vital part of the industrial sector of any State, and contribute substantially to its economy every year. Depending upon the resources, market potential, industrial development, expertise, technology, etc., there are different categories and number of small scale industries in different States of India. The registration, regulation, and incentives to the small scale industries, are governed by the Director of Industries of the concerned State. The District Industries Centres (DICs) are primary centre’s for help in this respect in every State. We help our Indian visitors well-rounded regarding their ssi registration in any State or Union Territory of India.

A Small Scale Industry (SSI) employs less than 50/100 workers, has plants and machinery amounting to less than Rs. 10 million, and manufactures products (mentioned in Schedule-III) which do not require elaborate industrial license. Proper registration of an SSI Unit gets the following supports, incentives, and benefits from the concerned State Government or the Central Government of India from time to time:

  • Priority Sector Lending
  • Excise Exemptions
  • Tax Subsidies and Exemption under Direct Tax Laws
  • Power Tariff Subsidies
  • Capital Investment Subsidies
  • Interest on Delayed Payments

Application Form For SSI Registration

In general, there are two types of ssi registrations in most of the States and Union Territories of India. And, therefore, there are two types of ssi registration application forms, and ssi registration certificates in every State/UT. The first one is the Provisional Registration Certificate (PRC), and the other is the Permanent Registration Certificate. The PRC is normally valid for a period of five years, while the permanent ssi registration certificate is valid as long as the SSI Units runs. The offices of the District Industries Centres and the Director of Industries (State Govt.) have now provided the great facility of ssi registration form downloading from anywhere.

For getting prompt and secured ssi registration, the ssi unit should have obtained all mandatory clearances from administrative and regulating authorities, NOC from the Pollution Board if necessary, drug license under the Drug Control Order, etc. It should be an independent and autonomous establishment, and not owned, controlled, or a subsidiary of any company or industry.

SSI Registration Online Services

The lavish facility of ssi registration online has been helping the applicants hugely in getting promptly the ssi online registration form, and in registering their ssi units easily under the Provisional Registration, without going to the concerned District Industries Centres (DICs).

For PRC, application is to be made through the prescribed provisional ssi registration form. The application for the permanent ssi registration is made after the ssi unit commenced its production. The PRC is valid for a period of five years. If, somehow, the entrepreneur fails to set up his/her unit and start production during this period, then he/she will have to apply again afresh for the PRC, at the end of five years.