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Regional Stock Exchange

Apart from the two worldwide famous national level stock exchanges, India has 21 other Regional Stock Exchanges (RSEs) located in all across the country. These two national-level stock exchanges are the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), which rank among the 15 largest stock exchanges of the world in terms of equity capitalization and trade volumes. The regional stock exchanges serve companies and investors at their respective regional levels for proper and profitable trading of the instruments of the capital market and money market. In addition to the national level stock exchanges, these regional stock exchanges in india, collectively contribute substantially to total trading of stocks and bonds in the country.

The Ahmedabad Stock Exchange (ASE) and Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) are the most prominent in the list of regional stock exchanges of India, and are the oldest among these. Besides these hugely famous and popular regional stock exchanges, other highlighted regional stock exchanges in india are Delhi Stock Exchange, Madras Stock Exchange, Hyderabad Stock Exchange, Indore Stock Exchange, Bangalore Stock Exchange, and the OTC Exchange of India. To provide nationwide recognition and access to trading activities, some of the leading regional stock exchanges of India have established the Inter-connected Stock Exchange Ltd. (ISE), which started its operation in 1998 at national level. The Coimbatore Stock Exchange and the Meerut Stock Exchange are the newest to be established recently.

Regional Stock Exchanges Legal Issues

As with the case of trading on the national level stock exchanges in India, trading on the regional stock exchanges are also regulated and guided by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Laws, rules, and regulations of governmental authorities at National, Regional, and State levels are also applied to. In addition to these laws and regulations, various other laws concerned with trading on regional stock exchanges are - the company law, taxation law, private equity law, intellectual property law, foreign exchange management regulations, business and commercial laws, and other civil or criminal laws. Our well-experienced and mellow attorneys, lawyers, and other professionals for service to the corporate sector, provide well-rounded information and support for trading of almost all instruments of the capital and money markets on any or more of the regional stock exchanges in india, in close conformity with these all concerned laws, rules, and mandatory regulations.

Regional Stock Exchanges Law Services

Our prompt, perfect, and economical services for trading on any or more of the regional stock exchanges of India, are extended responsibly to the Indian and International companies and investors of diverse sectors of economy. Making their trading most profitable, and safe and secure, are our prime objectives. Our elegant and reliable services are also available for trading on the Inter-connected Stock Exchange Ltd. (ISE) which operated at national level. This ISE is based in Vashi, Mumbai, and provides the lavish trading facilities of clearing, settlement, trading, risk management, and surveillance support, etc., to all its trading members established in all across the country. Set up and promoted by 12 leading regional stock exchanges of India, ISE has at present about 850 trading members in 18 major cities of all across the country. Our reasonably charged services are available for trading in both the primary capital market and the secondary capital market, including the money markets.