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Real Estate

Before proceeding further, the question ‘what is meaning of real estate’ should be answered first. The Real Estate is the immovable property in forms of pieces of lands and the diverse types of buildings on these, together with all other natural resources such as water sources, crops, minerals, etc. The real estate business encompasses the categories of appraising, buying, developing, constructing buildings on it, selling, renting, and managing the real estate property in any forms. The real estate constructions can broadly be divided into the categories of the residential real estate, industrial real estate, institutional real estate, and the commercial real estate.

The real estate sector is indisputably one of the major and most significant economic sectors in all across the world, owing to employment and capital productivity. Both developing and developed countries have been nurturing to inevitable and high-rated growth of this real estate sector, for well-rounded development and prosperity. However, the developing countries offer easy and more profitability in the business of real estate. In this respect, the fourth largest economy of the world, India has enormous potential for real estate growth in all fields of real estate construction. Below are provided more pieces of precious information regarding the real estate india.

Legal Requisites For Real Estate

The business in the real estate property and sector is essentially concerned with a variety of regional, national, and international law, rules, and regulations. The most prominent and commonly applied laws are the real estate law, construction law, taxation law, business law, commercial law, pollution and environmental law, insurance law, labor and employment law, laws governing project finance, policies of financial institutions concerned, company law, and various other rules and regulations of the regulating authorities and agencies at local, regional, federal, and international levels.

The real estate law is the body of legal codes and legal regulations which govern and regulate the ownership, development, management, transactions, and use of all types of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional real estate property.

Top Real Estate Companies

The real estate sector of India has been developing fast with a high growth rate nearing 20%. The approval of 100% FDI in the real estate sector of India by the Indian Government has further increased the growth prospects of real estate india, particularly to the foreign companies and investors. Consequently, there are a great number of Indian and foreign companies in the real estate sector of India, engaged in the businesses of real estate appraising, real estate brokerage, real estate development, real estate leasing, real estate marketing, real estate investment, real estate property management, and construction and transaction of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial real estate property. However, to achieve the desired progress and profitability in the business of real estate, companies and agencies must have a generous and sound real estate marketing strategy. Out of all real estate companies in India, the following are the most famous and reputed at national level:

  • Ambuja Realty Group
  • DLF Ltd.
  • Omaxe Ltd.
  • Emaarr-MGF
  • Unitech
  • Parsvnath Developers Ltd.
  • Ansal API
  • Shobha Builders
  • Kalpataru
  • Sun City Projects