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Public Limited Company Registration

The Public Limited Companies, especially public limited companies limited by shares, are quite prominent and popular form of business establishments worldwide, after the private limited companies and limited liability partnership firms. A Public Limited Company (often shortened to as ‘plc’) is a well-managed and efficiently administered form of a limited liability business set-up, which is essentially involved in the offering of its shares for sale to the general public, usually through the stock exchanges, and to undertake also deposits from the general public. We provide all-encompassing services for expeditious and secure public limited company registration and public company formation, in countries of all around the world, essentially including India. Our organization has extensive worldwide contacts with diverse firms, agencies, associations, and organizations successful in fields of business and commerce, professional services, law, taxation, insurance, international business, etc. Elegant and punctilious services for public limited company formation in all across the sectors of commerce and economy, worldwide, are just a part of our exclusively extensive range of diverse services.

Public Limited Company Registration Facts

The laws, rules, requirements, and procedures for the public limited company formation vary from country to country. However, there are lots of common things in every country, some of which are described above. Other facts about the public limited company formation are that, there is generally no restriction on the maximum number of its shareholders, and transfer of its shares to the general public, besides its members. The financial liability of its shareholders is limited only to the amount of investment they have made in purchasing of shares. However, the public limited companies have to disclose more matters to the concerned public, than the private limited companies. The regulatory and mandatory compliances too, are greater than those required by the private limited companies. Again, for the commencement of business these public limited companies have to wait for the certificate of business commencement, after its incorporation. The minimum amount of paid-up capital, and the number of shareholders, is higher than that in the case of private limited companies.

Public Limited Company Registration Guidelines

We have been helping companies, industrialists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and business corporations and organizations, in almost all matters and issues they could ever face, for a long time, essentially include the work of public company formation. A large number of our clients so far, from India and abroad, were found to be interested in the public company formation india, in its diverse sectors. Owing to our vast knowledge and experience in public limited company registration india, we very easily and expeditiously provide economical services for foreign direct investment in India and public company formation india (According to Companies Act 1956 and its section 3 (1)(iv).

Individuals, business firms, investors, and corporations are hereby informed about the following diverse requirements and provisions of the public limited company registration, which are to be gathered prior to applying for the registration process:

  • Selection of the Type of Company
  • Proposed Names for the entity
  • DINs, DSCs, with their PANs
  • Articles of Association (AOA) and the Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Information about TAN (Tax Deductor Account Number)
  • And, all requisite Documents and regulatory Compliances, as per the concerned jurisdiction

The Benefits of a Public Limited Company

The public limited company offers certain concrete and outstanding benefits, over the private limited company, or other forms of corporate establishments. The following are the main and major benefits associated with this type of company:

  • It is a well-managed and sufficiently large and empowered, form of business governance, both nationally and internationally
  • The individual financial liability of its members and shareholders is limited to the magnitude of investment in its shares by each of them.
  • There is no restriction on the maximum number of its shareholders
  • Right to accept deposits from public
  • High business status and creditability
  • Rights to trade shares on stock exchanges
  • Provisions for smooth perpetual existence
  • Well-devised facilities for employment and expansion
  • Easy arrangement and management as per requirements and contingencies

As per the above worthy information about the Public Limited Company Registration and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Public Limited Company Registration in the different segments of the nation.