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Private Limited Company Registration

The Private Limited Companies are perhaps the most common, popular, and preferred form of business or professional establishment, in most of the countries of the world. These private limited companies are limited either by shares or guarantee. These private limited companies have lesser disclosures to be made to the general public, and have less number of mandatory compliances to be performed, than those required by the public limited companies. But these private limited companies cannot offer their shares to the general public through stock exchanges, or accept public deposits.

Our service organization is closely connected with a large number of firms, organizations, agencies, and institutions of diverse sectors of business, profession, and the rest of the economy, established in all around the world, in order to provide well-rounded and gratifying services to the fields and sectors concerned. We provide comprehensive and exclusive services for all types of private limited company registration, in countries of all across the world, in the desired sectors. Here, it may be noted that the rules, regulations, and procedures, for private limited company formation in different countries vary more or less, as also do their laws for business governance. Our well-informed and broadly experienced service organization performs responsibly and expertly the private limited company incorporation, strictly in accordance with the laws, rules, and procedures recommended by the concerned State or Federal jurisdictions, in all across the globe.

Significance of Private Limited Company Registration

Flawless and proper registration or incorporation of the private limited companies is essential and recommended, for a variety of advantages and privileges being accessible and granted to these. First of all, incorporation gives the company a separate legal entity and recognition for conduction of business, apart from the legal rights and identity of its members, shareholders, and governors. The national accreditation is compulsory for international and global creditability. Again, the administration, management, and conduction of business, becomes lawful and commonly reliable. And, there are priorities and privileges given to the registered companies while dealing with taxation, employment, insurance, nationwide business, and international and worldwide business and matters. Therefore, right and due private limited company registration (and also the registration of other types of companies or corporations), is certainly a wise, prudent, and visionary action.

Private Limited Company Registration Requisites

The requirements and requisites vary depending upon the different jurisdictions, for the private limited company registrations. For private limited company formation India, these are decided by the Company Act 1956, under the Section 3(1) (iii). The minimum amount of paid-up capital, the minimum and maximum number of directors and members, and the number of regulatory compliances to be performed by such company, all vary from country to country. However, there are many things common everywhere, which are specified below:

  • Approval of Company Name by concerned Registrar of Companies (RoC)
  • Prescribed DINs, PAN, TAN, DSCs, etc.
  • Preparation of Articles of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Filing of all requisite Forms with RoC
  • Submitting other necessary Documents demanded
  • Drafting Power of Attorney
  • And, lastly, Obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation

As per the above worthy information about the Private Limited Company Registration and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Private Limited Company Registration in the different segments of the nation.