Privacy Policy

Privacy that protects from being observed and also support in bring business son the top. Law firms in India take care of its client’s information in order not to show off any registered data. Client’s name, location, availing services and many more information are not being showed off to any third party.

Well, below are the mentioned points that take our privacy policy to the mark.

1. When one would become register user, we hold his or her data as confidential.

2. You can only change your person profile data by logging with username and password.

3. While sending any legal documents we e-mail and call you as well on your mentioned contact information.

4. Any reviews and suggestions from your side would not be revealed to open world.

5. If you choose us as subscriber, we send you latest newsletters on regular basis only though email ID.

6. Requested services by you should be kept under privacy policy by us.

7. We take your personal data from any misuse or any illegitimate by third party.

8. We may use your personal stored data for raising PR of our own business activities.

9. These privacy policies can be changed any time by us but we notify you by sending timely notifications through mentioned e-mails.

10. The contents or matter appearing in the website is the sole property of the website owners and shall not be used by anyone without the prior consent of the owner.