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Patent Search

The Patent Search is a comprehensive and meticulous searching through all the recognized patent collection and patent databases of national and global patent offices and agencies, all issued and published patent applications worldwide, and all global Prior Art, in order to check the originality, uniqueness, novelty, validity, and patentability of a new invention, in any field. A thorough and proper patent search is greatly beneficial and therefore, recommended, before filing the patent registration application with the concerned national or international patent office. Such as prior patent search, eliminates the chances of rejection of the patent, and saves lots of time, money, and other valuable resources of the inventor.

Our well-connected firm is popular and reputed worldwide owing to our complete and excellent services to the corporate and profession sectors, for a long time. One of these services is our punctilious and economical service to the intellectual property field. Our intellectual property lawyers and patent attorneys, with the help of other professionals of diverse other fields, have been providing scrupulous patent search services, through worldwide patent search, to verify the patentability of a new invention at the concerned national or international patent registration offices. For our regular and loyal clients, we also provide the benefit of patent search online free.

Patent Search Services

Our expeditious, confidential, and economical patent search services are highly beneficial to the inventors, companies, investors, and patent owners and traders of almost all sectors of commerce and economy. So far, the fields of life sciences, engineering, medical, scientific, business and commerce, software, etc., have been our main areas for patent application searches. The following are our main patent search (including patent search online) criteria in the mentioned fields:

  • State-of-the-art search
  • Patent collection search
  • Novelty/Prior Art searches
  • Validity/invalidity searches
  • Right-to-use/clearance searches
  • Infringement /non-infringement searches

Search and Register Patent

We have been performing accurate and confidential patent application searches on behalf of the inventors or the patent owners, before filing the patent registration application at the concerned national or international patent offices, for patentability examination and approval of the presented patent application. Therefore, for registering a new invention, you may rely upon us, and need not to bother about how to do a patent search, or register a patent anywhere.

Our rigorous and reasonably charged services are available for patent registration at any national patent offices, regional patent office’s like European Patent office (EPO), and the Receiving Office of the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), which is operated by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Filing and prosecuting patent applications under PCT or EPO, is comprehensively beneficial, because the approved patent by such bodies is recognized in all countries which are members or parties to it.

As per the above worthy information about the Patent Search and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Patent Search in the different segments of the nation.