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Patent Registration in West Bengal

West Bengal, the fourth most populous State of India, is a major and significant contributor to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, especially in the agricultural sector. Its Tea, Jute, and Rice are commended highly and greatly in all across India and most of the countries of all around the world. Because of being located on the eastern bottleneck of the country, it is remarkable in respect of rich biodiversity, marine trades, and congenial climate. Consequently, West Bengal has been a major and extremely important center for business and trade, music and art, and impressive culture, since medieval times. Therefore, our rigorous and generous professional and legal services to its all economic sectors are its legitimate right. One of these services is our perfect services for patent registration west bengal.

Booming Kolkata is its magnificent capital, and the third largest metropolis in the country. Kolkata has been the financial, educational, cultural, and commercial hub in the entire north-eastern part of India since centuries. The economy of West Bengal comprises mainly of three major sectors, namely, the agricultural, industrial, and the service sector. Today, there are taking place developments in various other industrial fields of its economy, such as in information technology, manufacturing, consumer goods & products, etc., to name a few. Our patent registration services in west bengal reach to these all economic fields.

Patent Law Services in West Bengal

Our nationwide reputed legal organization is a quite prominent patent agent in west bengal, owing to its broad range of field coverage, economical charges, promptitude, and responsible services. Our patent services in west bengal cover the broad sectors of Engineering and Manufacturing; Agricultural; Medical; Technical; Scientific; Technological; Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals; Biotechnology; Medicines; Nanotechnology; and Information Technology. New inventions in these sectors are registered under the regulations and stricture of the Indian Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972. These patent legislations of Indian Government are in close compliance with most of the globally accredited patents authorities and regulations, such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Paris Convention, TRIPS Agreement of World Trade Organization (WTO), European Patent Convention, etc. Therefore, our patent registration services in west bengal provide protection to the patented material in all across the country, and most of the nations of the world, at quite fair and reasonable charges.

Patent Registrar Office in West Bengal

The patent registration office in west bengal is located in its capital Kolkata. All types of new inventions by individuals, institutions, and companies engaged in various fields of commerce, industry, and profession, anywhere in the State of West Bengal, are secured by registration through this patent office. For visitors’ convenience regarding making prompt enquiry about patent registration west bengal, detailed contact information about this office is furnished below:

The Patent Office Kolkata (Head Office)

Baudhik Sampada Bhawan (Intellectual Property Office Building), Fifth Floor,

CP-2, Sector-V (Behind National Tent House),

Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091.

Telephone: 033-23671943-46; 033-23675092-93.

Fax: 033-23671988

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.