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Patent Registration in Tripura

Patent registration provides a creator of the creative woks with a set of exclusive rights for a limited period of time. Patent registration is generally required before one can pursue an infringement action against someone who used your work without authorization. A patent owner can take a legal action against any person who infringes the patent work. The patent owner is entitled to remedies by way of injunctions, damages and accounts. Tripura is one of the states in north eastern part of India where a lot of art and crafts are produced. Thus, patent registration in such a case is very important. Patent registration Tripura is a long process which involves certain legal formalities and enquiries. Patent registration services in Tripura can be done with the help of assistance provided by patent agents in Tripura. The series of steps followed in patent registration service Tripura is briefed in the following piece of writing.

Patent Law Services in Tripura

Patent law services are Tripura is a fairly long process and needs time to be completed.

The first step is the filing of the priority application which does not contain the set of claims from the applicant. After this, the final application form is to be filed which necessarily should contain the set of claims from the applicant or the inventor.

After the submission of the final application with the complete set of claims, the application is published in the website of the patent registration after one and a half year from the date of the priority application. There are no charges for the publication of the application. This is a spontaneous process and no special requisition for the publication of the application is to be filed.

Once the final application is filed along with the set of claims, it is time for the publication of the patent application. From the date of priority application a patent application is published in the Indian patent website after the completion of one and a half year. The applicant or any other interested person may search for the published patent applications granted in the patent office site. The publication of the patent application is done totally free of cost.

Followed by the publication of the patent application, an examination of the application is to be conducted. The examination does not happen on its own. The applicant or any other interested person on the behalf of the applicant can request for the conduct of an examination maximum within 48 months from the date of priority application.

It is the examination report accompanying objections and requirements is sent to an applicant by the controller within six months from the date of request for examination or date of publication of the patent application.

After the applicant receives the objections, then the applicant is supposed to correct the objections and send the corrected application for re-examination within 12 months. In case, the applicant does not do so within 12 months, then the application is believed to be abandoned. If the re-submitted application is alright, the applicant is rewarded with a patent registration.

Patent Registrar Office in Tripura

The patent registration offices are available in many places in Tripura where legal aid is available for patent registration and the contacts can be obtained from the web. A lot of patent agents in Tripura also assist you in obtaining a patent registration certificate for your unique creation.

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