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Patent Registration in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the states of the north eastern part of India. Meghalaya has over the time evolved as one of the major states of the country. Meghalaya is one of the important states of North east India and is a home for a lot of creative talents. Meghalaya as a state is very culturally evolved and is a motherland of a lot of creative people who have made their niche in music, arts, literature etc. To protect these intangible intellectual properties, a patent registration is a priority so that there is no misuse of the priceless innovations by the most creative people in the country. A patent registration in Meghalaya involves a series of legal procedures which involves a few months of time to get a patent registration done. Patent registration Meghalaya can be done with the help of patent agents in Meghalaya.

Patent Law Services in Meghalaya

Patent law services in Meghalaya are a series of processes which are to be conducted one after the other to ultimately acquire the patent registration. The first and foremost step in the patent registration process is the filing of a priority application. A priority application is an initial application which does not contain the set of claims by the applicant. The applicant files a priority application to get an early date. After the priority application, the final application with the complete set of claims by the applicant is to be filed and submitted to the concerned authority.

After the submission of the final application, it is time for the publication of the application in the patent registration website. There are no charges claimed for the publication of the patent registration application. The publication is usually done after the 18th month of the filing of the priority application.

After the publication of the application, a request for the examination of the application is done. The required fees for the examination have to be submitted by the applicant or any other interested third party for the execution. The purpose of the examination is to find out that all the information furnished by the applicant is genuine or not. If there are any defects, then objections are raised and communicated to the applicant.

The First Examination Report (FER) is communicated to the applicant for communicating the objections for correction. A maximum period of 12 months is allowed to the applicant for correction of the objections and re-submission of the application for further perusal. If everything is found alright, then the applicant is rewarded with a patent registration certificate.

Patent Registrar Office in Meghalaya

The community of patent agents in Meghalaya helps in the execution of the patent registration process and helps a client in getting a patent registration certificate for his creation.

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