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Patent Registration in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the highly developed states of India with the commercial capital of the country being present in the state. There is immense amount of intellectual potential in this state. In the modern market place, knowledge is the most expensive intangible property. It is more recognized and acknowledged as a critical asset. Knowledge is the fundamental which has given birth to a number of new industries particularly those based on computers, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and designed materials. However, such creations in the field of science and technology needs protection and should be guarded just as the tangible property like our own house, car, field etc. This is where patent plays a role in protecting such intangible property of a human mind’s creation. Patent registration Maharashtra entails a series of legal proceedings and they are to be followed in every step to receive a successful patent registration. Patent registration in Maharashtra takes a long time as there are a series of steps to be followed. Patent services in Maharashtra are delivered by numerous patent agents in Maharashtra.

Patent law services in Maharashtra

Patent registration is to be done following a number of legal steps. Filing a patent application is the first and the foremost step to begin with. A provisional application is filed without a set of claims and its main purpose is to claim an earliest priority date. A complete application is filed within 12 months from the date of priority application. A complete specification should consist of a set of claims for which is the legal protection is sought by the applicant.

A patent application is published in the Indian patent website after the 18th month from the date of filing of the priority application. There is no fee payable for the publication of the patent application.

After the publication,, examination of the patent application is not automatically conducted in India. The applicant or any interested third party should file a request for the examination by paying the prescribed fees to the concerned authority in order to examine the application. The application will be treated as withdrawn in case of failure to file the request for examination within the given time period of 48 months. Extension beyond 48 months is not possible either in Maharashtra or in any other part of India.

First Examination Report is the examination report accompanying objections and requirements is sent to an applicant by the controller within six months from the date of the request. The response to the FER is to be made mandatorily within 12 months.

After that a re-examination is done to find all things are in place or not. The accepted application is rewarded to the applicant.

After that a re-examination is done to find all things are in place or not. The accepted application is rewarded to the applicant.

Patent registrar office in Maharashtra

There are a number of patent registrar offices in Maharashtra and a number of patent agents in Maharashtra who can provide services related to Patent registration.

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