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Patent Registration in Kolkata

Kolkata is the cultural capital of India and is a home to a lot of intellectuals and creative people who are engaged in literature, poetry, music, arts, crafts and a lot more which is involve in the finer aspects of life. Thus, to protect these intellectual properties which are indeed valuable, patent registration is very necessary. Patents are granted only to new invention which also useful to the society. A product patent application can be filled by the inventor himself in any of the country where he is interested to protect the product. The product should necessarily not know to any of the prior people in any of the similar products. Patent registration Kolkata entails a series of legal processes which are to be followed in order to get a patent registered. Patent registration services in Kolkata can be done with a help of any of the legal consultants who assist clients in getting a patent registration.

Patent law services in Kolkata

Patent registration is Kolkata is a fairly long process and needs time to be completed. The first and foremost step in the legal process of patent registration is the filing of a patent application. A provisional application is filed without a set of claims and its main purpose is to claim an earliest priority date. A complete application is filed within 12 months from the date of the priority application. A complete specification should consist of a set of claims for which is the legal protection is sought by the applicant.

After that in the next phase, a patent application is published in the Indian patent website after 18th month from the date of filing the priority application. There is no fee payable for the publication of the patent application.

After the publication, an examination of a patent application is not automatically conducted in India. The applicant or any interested party should file a request for examination by paying the prescribed fees in order to examine the application. The time period for filing a request for examination is 48 months from the date of filing the priority application. Requesting for examination can be filed during the filing of patent application also.

It is the examination report accompanying objections and requirements is sent to an applicant by the controller within six months from the date of request for examination or date of publication of the patent application.

After the applicant receives the objections, then the applicant is supposed to correct the objections and send the corrected application for re-examination within 12 months. In case, the applicant does not do so within 12 months, then the application is believed to be abandoned. If the re-submitted application is alright, the applicant is rewarded with a patent registration.

Patent Registrar office in Kolkata

The patent registration offices are available in many places in Kolkata where legal aid is available for patent registration and the contacts can be obtained from the web.

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