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Patent Registration in Jharkhand

Jharkhand is one of the prominent states of Northern part of India. Jharkhand has grown up with time to be a trade hub of the country with a lot of industrial developments and is a home to a lot of creative talents and entrepreneurs. Thus, it is very crucial for people in Jharkhand to be aware about patent registration. Patent registration Jharkhand involves a series of legal procedures which also involves a lot of time for the process to be completed.

Patent Law Services in Jharkhand

Patent registration services in Jharkhand starts with the filing of the provisional application. The first step in the process of patent registration services in Haryana is filing a patent application. Filing a patent application is the first step to begin with. Without a set of claims a provisional application is filed and to claim a priority date as early as possible is its main purpose. Within one year, a complete application is filed from the date of priority application. A set of claims is consisted in a complete specification for which in case of any issues, the legal protection is sought by the applicant.

Followed by the above step is the publication of the patent application. A patent application is then published in the Indian patent website. This is published after one and a half year from the date when priority application is filed. The applicant or any other interested person may search for the published patent applications granted in the Patent office site. There is absolutely no fee payable for the publication of the patent application.

After the publication of the patent application, examination of the patent application is conducted. The examination is not done automatically. The applicant or any interested third party is required to request an examination to the concerned authority within 48 months of the filing of the priority application.

The first examination report comes within 180 days along with any issues and requirements sent to an applicant by a controller. Within a year’s time, the response for the First Examination Report (FER) is to be made by the person submitting application. The application will be abandoned in case of a failure of response within the given period of time.

Opposition can be filed on the grounds of non compliance of patentability such as novelty, industrial applicability, nondisclosure or wrongful mentioning of genetic resources etc. The applicant has to correct the objections and re-submit within six months for a re-examination.

After the re-examination, if all conditions are satisfactory, then a Patent certificate is issued or if still some objections persist, the application is rejected.

Patent Registrar Office in Jharkhand

There are a number of patent agents in Jharkhand who can assist you in obtaining a patent registration for your invention. The contacts are available in the web.

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