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Patent Registration in Gujarat

Scenically situated adjacent to the Arabian Sea in the Western India, Gujarat is a prosperous State which contributes immensely to the economy of the country. Historic Gujarat, is today well-known for its huge per capita GDP, fast and steady economic growth rate, electricity generation, petrol, cement, cotton, and many other things. Moreover, Gujarat is one among the most industrialized States of the country. Hence, our nationally famous and hugely popular legal firm offers well-rounded supporting services to its sectors of commerce and industry, and profession. Our prompt and responsible patent registration services in gujarat are part of these services.

At present, the booming economy of Gujarat is one of the fastest growing State economies in India, with significant development in agricultural and industrial sectors. Our patent services in gujarat compulsorily cover the fields of electricity generation (both gas-based and nuclear), petrol and refineries, cement, cotton and textiles, engineering and manufacturing, information technology, milk and milk products, and a variety of staple agricultural products of Gujarat.

Patent Law Services in Gujarat

We extend fast, flawless, and cheap patent registration gujarat, in all across the State. Our well-established firm is quite famous as a reputed patent agent in gujarat, for registration of all types of inventions in diverse fields of business and profession. Our patent services in gujarat include the broad sectors of Engineering, Medical, Agricultural, Scientific, Chemicals, Life Sciences, Technical, Industrial Manufacturing, Technological, and others. We support patent registrations in accordance with the Patents Act of 1970, and the Patents Rules of 1972, legislated by the Central Government of India. These legislations are in compliance with most of the international patent rules and regulations. Hence, all patent registrations proposed by people and entities established in Gujarat, are given accreditation and due legal rights in throughout the country, and most of the nations in all across the world. Here, it is worth mentioning that our firm provides services for all other objects of intellectual property, company formation, business and commercial law, regulating compliances, taxation, insurance, labor and employment law, foreign direct investment, real estate and construction, international business and trade, and various other legal issues and matters.

Patent Registrar Office in Gujarat

The responsible task of regulating patent registrations for Gujarat has been allocated to the regional patent office located in Mumbai. Hence, there is no requirement at present for any patent registration office in gujarat, for this objective. To help our visitors and clients in their enquiry about patent registration gujarat, below are given complete address and contact numbers:

The Patent Office Branch, Mumbai.

Baudhik Sampada Bhawan (Intellectual Property Building),

Near Antop Hill Post Office, Sheik Mistry Road (S. M. Road),

Antop Hill, Mumbai – 400037 (India)

Telephone: 022-24137701.

Fax: 022-24120387

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.