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Patent Registration in Goa

Goa of India, is one of the most famous and alluring tourist destinations in Asia, to tourists and revelers belonging to countries all across the world. The smallest State in the country by geographical area, Goa is also outstanding in respect of GDP per capita and high and steady growth rate of its economy. Hence, we cherish productive developments in all its major and emerging economic fields, and offer perfect and cheap patent registration goa. Our dedicated patent registration services in goa are integral part of our full gamut of legal services to its commerce and profession sectors.

Goa’s location on Western Ghats which is exclusively rich in biodiversity and congenial climate makes the State irresistibly attractive to more than 10% of foreign tourists in India every year. Hence, our legal firm provides a rather extensive range of patent services in goa to this largest economic sector of the State. In addition to tourism sector, our patent registration services in goa cover the fields of minerals and mining, agriculture and agro-based products, fishing and trawling, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, steel rolling, textiles, food and brewery products, and various other areas.

Patent Law Services in Goa

Our nationwide prominent and reputed legal organization for impeccable and economical services to the almost all fields of the commerce and profession is a famous patent agent in goa. Our patent registration services in goa include all above-mentioned economic fields, and various other emerging and innovative fields. These all patent registrations made as per the Indian Patents Act of 1970, and the Patents Rules of 1972. Amendments in these are regularly performed to make these patent legislations in conformity with rules and regulations of international patent authorities and conventions. Therefore, every patent registration goa supported by us, offers recognition and protection to the patented matters in all around the country, and also in most of the countries of the world. Proper registration of any new invention is mandatory for securing the legitimate rights of the inventor, and gives protection against all types of misappropriation of or infringement upon him/her patent.

Patent Registrar Office in Goa

Patents pertaining to individuals, companies, or institutions in all fields of commerce and profession, established or doing business in Goa, are registered and regulated by the regional patent office located in Mumbai. There is no such patent registration office in goa. In order to facilitate our visitors and clients in making necessary enquiry regarding patent registration goa, we give hereunder the complete address of this zonal patent office:

The Patent Office Branch, Mumbai.

Baudhik Sampada Bhawan (Intellectual Property Building),

Near Antop Hill Post Office, Sheik Mistry Road (S. M. Road),

Antop Hill, Mumbai – 400037 (India)

Telephone: 022-24137701.

Fax: 022-24120387

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.