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Patent Registration in Chennai

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and is one of the major metropolitan cities of India. Chennai has grown up with time to be a trade hub of South India and is a home to a lot of creative talents and entrepreneurs. Thus, it is very crucial for people in Chennai to be aware about patent registration. Patent is a monopoly right given to an inventor or an applicant for a limited period of time. The rights granted to an inventor is not right to practice or use the invention but a right to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing the patented invention for the term of the patent, which is usually 20 years in India and also in most other countries. A patent is a limited property right provided to the inventor by the government of the country in exchange of their agreement to share the patented invention to the public. Like any other tangible rights given to a person, a patent owner is granted with rights to sell, license, mortgaged, assigned, transferred, given away or abandoned. Patent registration Chennai entails a series of legal procedures which also involves a lot of time for the process to be completed.

Patent law services in Chennai

Patent registration services in Chennai starts with the filing of the provisional application without a set of claims and its main purpose is to claim an earliest priority date. After that a complete application is filed within 12 months from the date of the priority application. A complete specification should consist of a set of claims for which is the legl protection is sought by the applicant.

After that, in the next phase a patent application is published in the Indian patent website after 18th months from the date of filing of the priority application. There is no fee payable for the publication of the patent application. It is done as a part of the entire process automatically.

After the publication of the application, examination of the patent application is conducted. It does not get conducted automatically. The applicant or an interested third party has to file a request with the submission of the fees to the concerned authority for the process to be carried out. After the examination, a report is forwarded to the applicant with the objections if any.

Then the applicant has a maximum of 12 months to work on the objections and get back to the authority for a re-examination. If a re-submission is not done by the applicant within 12 months, then it is considered to be abandoned. In case the re-examination results are satisfactory, then the applicant is rewarded with the patent registration.

Patent Registrar office in Chennai

There are a lot of legal consultants in Chennai who can assist you in obtaining a patent registration for your invention. The contacts are available in the web.

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