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Patent Registration in Bangalore

Bangalore is considered as the "Silicon City" of India as this city is highly developed in the field of Information Technology and the industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the city. There are a number of scientists and researchers who work in the field of Information Technology and Biotechnology in the city of Bangalore as there are a lot of scopes of work in these fields in this particular city. Thus, to prevent these priceless innovations in these fields, the creators should certainly go for patent registration. Patent registration in Bangalore is a series of legal procedures which are to be followed step by step in order to attain a patent registration certificate successfully. The process cannot happen overnight and need a few months time to execute all the processes. Patent registration services in Bangalore can be executed with the help of the patent agents in Bangalore. A patent is a monopoly right which is awarded to the inventor or an applicant for a limited period of time. The process of patent registration in Bangalore is briefed in this piece of writing. This right has helped artistic people to pursue their art works with total concentration and without any fear of their work being compromised.

Patent Law services in Bangalore

Patent law services in Bangalore entails a series of legal procedures which is carried out one after the other in order to attain the patent registration certificate successfully. The first step is the filing of the priority application which does not contain the set of claims from the applicant. After this, the final application form is to be filed which necessarily should contain the set of claims from the applicant or the inventor.

After the submission of the final application with the complete set of claims, the application is published in the website of the patent registration after the 18th month from the date of the priority application. There are no charges for the publication of the application. This is a spontaneous process and no special requisition for the publication of the application is to be filed.

After this, the examination phase comes in where the application is examined by the concerned authority to ensure all particulars furnished by the applicant are correct or not. This is not a spontaneous process. The applicant or any interested third party has to file a requisition for the examination by submitting the designated fees for the process.

After the examination, the First Examination Report (FER) is generated and if there are any objections, they are communicated to the applicant. The applicant gets a maximum period of 12 months to work on the objections and re-submit the application for a re-examination. If everything is in place, the applicant is rewarded with the patent registration certificate.

Patent registrar office in Bangalore

There are a number of patent registrar offices in Bangalore where a community of patent agents in Bangalore assist you in getting a patent registration certificate for your invention.

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