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Patent Registration in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the prominent states at the north east part of India. There are a lot of demographics residing in Arunachal Pradesh. The state has got immense natural beauty and is also a good tourist destination. It is also a home of lot of creative people who loves to stay at the lap of nature. To prevent any creation from any kind of misuse, a patent registration is very crucial. A patent registration is meant for the guarding of a intangible property of human mind’s creation. Patent registration Arunachal Pradesh is a fairly long process with a lot of legal formalities to be performed. Patent services in Arunachal Pradesh are performed by patent agents in Arunachal Pradesh. Patent registration is very important in the highly innovative discoveries in the field of dynamic industries like pharmaceuticals, computers, biotechnology and semiconductors. Patent registration is a great help to all those who wish to pursue their artistic capabilities without any stress of their work being stolen. The process of patent registration in Arunachal Pradesh is briefed below.

Patent law services in Arunachal Pradesh

Patent registration in Arunachal Pradesh is subject to a series of legal procedures. The first and foremost duty of the applicant is the filing of the provisional application form. A provisional application form does not include a set of claims by the applicant and the purpose of the priority application form is to get an earliest date for consideration. After the priority application is filed, a complete application has to be filed in a maximum period of 12 months. A complete application must necessarily contain the set of claims by the applicant.

After the completion of the application process, the application is published in the website of the patent registration. No fees are to be paid for the publication of the patent registration.

After the publication of the application of patent registration, a substantive examination of the application is conducted to ensure that the particulars furnished in the application is correct and no wrong information has been fed. The request for the examination of the application is to be done by the applicant or any interested third party within 48 months from the date of priority application. If it is not done, the application is deemed to be abandoned and no claim of examination is entertained after the aforesaid period.

After the examination is over, the First Examination Report (FER) is generated and communicated to the applicant. If any inconsistency is found out in the application, then the applicant is sent the set of objections for correction. The applicant has a maximum period of 12 months to work on the objections and re-submit the application to the concerned authority for re-examination.

After the re-examination, if everything is found alright then the applicant is rewarded with a patent registration certificate.

Patent Registrar office in Arunachal Pradesh

There is a community of lawyers who service clients as patent agents in Arunachal Pradesh and will certainly assist you in the execution of the process.

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