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Patent Registration in Andhra Pradesh

Situated on the southeastern coast of India, covering parts of both the Deccan Plateau and the Eastern Ghats, Andhra Pradesh is one of the prosperous and booming States of India. Andhra Pradesh is nationwide and internationally prominent for its highly developed information technology industry, tourism, power and gas, diverse agricultural products, mineral wealth, huge contribution to national GDP and exports, service industry, and high economic growth rate. Hence comprehensive and reasonably-priced patent registration services in andhra pradesh are need of the day.

Its second longest coastline in the country serves significantly in marine trades. According to 2011 Census, Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest State by population in India. Our dedicated services for patent registration andhra pradesh cover patents in these all developed and flourishing fields mentioned above, and make our firm a leading patent agent in andhra pradesh. Producing the third highest Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) in India, the economic growth rate of Andhra Pradesh maintained the level of 5.5% for last two decades.

Patent Law Services in Andhra Pradesh

Elegant patent registration services in andhra pradesh are an integral part of our well-rounded services to its all fields of commerce, industry, and profession. These patent registration services in andhra pradesh entertain all types of patents in the sectors of engineering, medical, scientific, technical, chemicals, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, technological, and various other illustrious sectors. We support patent registrations for individuals, institutions, and companies in full and strict compliance with the Indian Patents Act, 1970 and the Patents Rules, 1972, which have been amended from time to time for refinement, in order to be in conformity with international patent regulations. Hence, any patent registered in Andhra Pradesh gets nationwide and international accreditation and protection against any misappropriation or infringement anywhere.

Patent Registrar Office in Andhra Pradesh

There is no patent registration office in andhra pradesh. All patent registrations on behalf of individuals, companies, and institutions established in Andhra Pradesh for doing business anywhere in the State, are regulated and controlled by the regional Patent Office located in Chennai. Address of this office is being given below to help our visitors and clients of all diverse fields of economy:

The Patent Office Branch, Chennai.

Intellectual Property Rights Building,

Industrial Estate Sidco RMD Godown Area,

G. S. T. Road, Guindy, Chennai – 600032 (India)

Telephone: 044-22322824-25.

Fax: 044-22322878

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.