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Patent Registration in Ahmedabad

Ahmadabad is one of the highly developed and dynamic cities of India and also the capital of Gujarat. There is immense amount of potential in Ahmadabad and is also a trade hub and is a home to a number of creative people in the country. It is more recognized and acknowledged as a critical asset. Knowledge is something which is needed as a fundamental in industries like pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, designed materials and biotechnology. However, to protect unique inventions in such fields need protection and should be guarded just as the tangible property like our own house, field, car etc. This is where patent plays a role in protecting such intangible property of a human mind’s creation. Patent registration Ahmadabad is subject to a series of legal proceedings which are conducted in various phases. Patent registration in Ahmadabad can be done with the help of patent agents in Ahmadabad. Patent is becoming very important as it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to protect their masterpieces. These artistic properties can be in the form of songs they have penned, poetry one has written, novels they have written, and many more. The patent law has given a degree of freedom to the artistic people and this freedom helps them to do their work in a more effective and efficient manner.

Patent law service in Ahmadabad

Patent registration services in Ahmadabad entails a series of legal procedures. First of all, a patent application is to be filled following the rules and regulations stated. The first application filed is a provisional application which does not include a set of claims by the applicant. After the provisional application is filed, a maximum time of 12 months is given to the applicant for filing the complete application. A complete application should have necessarily includes a set of relevant claims from the applicant as in consultation with a legal consultant.

In the next phase, the patent application is published in the Indian Patent website after the completion of 18th month from the date of priority application. There are no fees to be paid for the publication of this patent application in Ahmadabad.

Once the patent application is published in the patent application website, it is time for the examination of the application to find out whether the facts furnished by the applicant are genuine or not. If the request for application is not submitted to the concerned authority by the applicant or any other interested third party within 48 months from the date of priority application. If the final application is not filed within 48 months, it is considered to be abandoned.

After the examination and inquiries are done, if anything is found out of the order then objections are raised and communicated to the applicant. The response to the FER is to be mandatorily done within 12 months. The applicant has to work on the objections and re-submit it for re-examination. Now if all objections are corrected properly, the applicant is rewarded a Patent registration certificate

Patent registrar office in Ahmadabad

There are a number of patent agents in Ahmadabad who help you in obtaining a patent registration for your creation.

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