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Patent Registration in Agra

A creation need to be protected from exploitation by any other person apart from the creator in order to protect the interest of the creator and to encourage the creator to produce good work even in future. The unique creation can be protected by obtaining a patent registration for the creation. In obtaining a patent registration, the creator is awarded a set of exclusive rights which enable the creator to enjoy the economic benefits from the creations and also help in the preventing of the creation from any kind of distortion or exploitation. The application of patent is to be filled according to the territorial limits in terms of the place where the applicant resides or at the place where the invention actually originated. Patent registration in Agra is a long legal procedure where a number of phases are involved before the applicant successfully gets the patent registration done. Patent registration services in Agra happen according to the laws enacted in the Indian Constitution. These patents help in the protection of innovations and inventions thereby safeguarding the rights of artistic fraternity.

Patent law services in Agra

The first and the foremost step in the process of patent registration in Agra is the filing of the patent application. Without a set of claims a provisional application is filed and its main objective is to make a claim for an earliest date for priority. A complete application is required to be filed maximum within one year from the date of the precedence application. A complete application should necessarily contain a set of claims for which the applicant or the creator asks for the legal protection.

Once the final application is filed along with the set of claims, it is time for the publication of the patent application. After one and a half year from the date of priority application in the Indian patent website, a patent application is published. The applicant or any other interested person may search for the published patent applications granted in the office site of patent. The patent application’s publication is done totally free of cost.

Followed by the publication of the patent application, an examination of the application is to be conducted. The examination does not happen on its own. The applicant or any other interested person on the behalf of the applicant can request for the conduct of an examination maximum within 48 months from the date of priority application.

The first examination report is generated in and around six months from the request and if there are any objections, they are communicated to the applicant. The response for the First Examination Report (FER) is to be made by the applicant within twelve months. Failure in responding to the FER within 12 months means the cancellation of the application claim.

After the re-examination is done, if everything is found alright, the applicant is issued with a patent registration certificate.

Patent Registrar office in Agra

Patent registration in Agra can be done with the assistance of any of the legal consultant who practises law in Agra.

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