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Patent Offices

Patent is again a part of intellectual property to safeguard worthy innovative and creative inventions in terms of useful arts and methods of manufacturing, article forms, process of machine and other invented reproductions. Patent offices have played a vital role in bringing the registration of these innovative goods and services. WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization is one of the agencies handing all the promotions of protection of intellectual property. Well, there are about 184 members who are connected with WIPO including ARIPO, CAIPO, CIPO, IPA, Indian Patent Office, JPO, Netherlands Patent Office, SPTO, IGE, Turkish Patent Institute and many more. Any development, modification or renewal of plans and regulations of patent rules are held by WIPO at the international level. Indian Patent Act is a member of various organizations including World Intellectual Property Organization, World Trade Organization, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Paris Convention Industrial Property Organization and many more. Patent offices are generally dealings on the types of patents named Ordinary Patent, Patents of addition and Convention. All the prior rules and regulations are structured on these three fundamentals. Patent offices are centers from where one can demand his or her patent application in order top grant all the powers and rights in respect of his or her innovations.

Roles of Patent Offices

Patent offices are the govern bodies to approve or reject the application of patent registration. Every country has its own stated rules for patent applications and has its own distinct way to represent the patent offices. In India, patent offices are situated zone wise that categorized into five zones .i.e. north zone, south, east, west and central zone of patent offices. The roles of patent offices are inclined with passing or rejecting any innovative piece of work. Patent registration office is the govern body which decides whether an innovative work can be registered or not. Like any frivolous invention, innovative work that is injurious to public health, research from an abstract theory, methods of agriculture, atomic energy researches are some of the innovative work that cannot be registered under patent law. Thus, it’s role of patent office to decide about an application on the basis of rules, established by The Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion.

Patent Offices in India and Worldwide

Patent offices are ruled over any rejection or approval of patent application. In India the patent rules were regulated by the Patents Act, 1970 and The Patents Rules of 1972 which were got an effective from April 20 of 1972. The amendation of The Patents Act, 1970 was got from January 1, 1995 and of The Patents Rules, 1972 was got in the year of June 2, 1999. All these rules and acts, defined by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion. These authority bodies have a complete power to establish the various provisions related to patents law registration. While dealing with these patent offices in India and abroad; one needs to follow various complicated procedures, thus it is suggested to have indulged with any of the top law firm in india in order to reduce your hassle and get complete quality services in respect of patent registration and its related IPR services.

As per the above worthy information about the Patent Offices and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Patent Offices in the different segments of the nation.