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Patent Application

The Patent Application is the process of forwarding any new invention to the concerned authority for approval and granting due patent rights and protection to it. A patent application is performed through the prescribed patent application form as per the requirements and guidelines of the concerned national or international patent registration authority, for acquiring registration of the forwarded patent material. Today, besides the manual in-person patent application, the online patent application can also be preferably made, with the proper patent registration office, national or international. Our service organization has been supporting inventors, business owners, entrepreneurs, companies, and multi-national conglomerates, and so on, for a long time, in their respective patent registration with patent registration offices worldwide, both national and international. So far, the patents for which we rendered our expeditious and economical services pertained to the fields of engineering and technology, scientific and technical, medical, life sciences, information technology, and many others.

Patent Application Form

The contents and requirements of patent application form vary from country to country, as also do the regulations and procedures for patent application. The patent application forms are different for patent registration under the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and the regional European Patent Convention (EPC). The common and usual variants are related with the patent specification, ordering of sub-titles and sections, font used, detailed coverage of the new invention, priority claims, illustrative designs and layouts, size of paper or page, etc. Moreover, these rules and requirements often keep changing from time to time. Therefore, a well-informed, experienced, and expert patent attorney is exclusively required for proper, prompt, smooth, and economical patent approval and registration. We provide well-rounded support for patent application belonging to almost all fields, for reasonable patent application fee.

Patent Application Process

The patent application process actually starts after a scrupulous patent search, which is performed to be ensured that the patent to be applied for registration is quite patentable, original, and unique, so far in the concerned fields. In addition to patent filing at all national patent registration offices, we have been conducting impressively pct patent application, and patent filing at the European Patent Office. These international patent registration and recognizing bodies, offer unified, simple, and a standard procedure for patent approval in all their member countries, called parties to these organizations. Besides proper patent filing at any of these offices, punctilious and prompt patent prosecution is also necessary for expeditious and most secured patent approval and recognition in all countries parties to these. Along with patent filing, we also undertake patent prosecution, and the cases of patent infringement and litigations, anywhere in the whole world.

As per the above worthy information about the Patent Application and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Patent Application in the different segments of the nation.