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Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas sector is one of the largest economic sectors in majority of the countries of the world, in respect of infrastructural facilities, employment, and revenue generation. This oil & gas sector provides a substantial part of the total energy consumption in each of these countries. Therefore, on the whole, this oil & gas industry is of magnificent importance to the world economy. According to consumption statistics, about 30 billion barrels of oil is consumed every year in countries of the whole world. This oil consumption is higher in developed countries, and is remarkably large in all developing countries. Hence, our organization offers a rather broad range of diverse services to the oil & gas legal sector. The productivity and importance of our visionary oil & gas legal services have increased manifold caused by the highly competitive oil & gas market and business worldwide, and ever-growing requirements of these at present and in the future.

The main and most important products of this oil & gas sector are Petroleum and Natural gas. In addition to serving as the main source of energy to the automobile sector, Petroleum is also the raw material to many types of chemical industries whose products are fertilizers, solvents, pharmaceuticals, plastics, pesticides, and so on. Natural Gas (extracted from oil fields and natural gas fields) is another major source of energy, widely used for providing motive power to vehicles and industries, in electricity generation (using gas and steam turbines), as cooking and heating fuel, and as raw material in fertilizer industries. Our imaginative oil & gas legal services cover these both major sources of energy and power.

Oil & Gas Area Of Law Practice

The oil & gas sector undertakes the processes of exploration, development, extraction and exploitation, refining, distribution, and marketing, of all its products essentially including petroleum, natural gas, and fuel oil. Thus, there are a rather broad range of diverse laws and regulations applied to activities and businesses of this oil & gas sector, within national or international jurisdictions. In twentieth century, the petroleum oil and natural gas sector received exclusive attention for the purposes of enhanced productivity, efficiency, and prudent management and profitability at present and in the future, as very scarce are sources of these in the entire world. The most common and prominent areas of practice in the oil & gas legal sector are - regulations governing exploration, mining, and extraction of natural resources; company law; business law; taxation law; insurance law; project finance; joint ventures; labor and employment law; pollution and environmental law; maritime and admiralty law; intellectual property law; capital market regulations; rules and policies of financial institutions; laws of international business and trade; and other laws and regulations depending on the case at hand.

Oil & Gas Solicitors

Our reliable, innovative, and prudent oil & gas legal advice on almost all diverse oil & gas legal issues are highly appreciated in all across the world, especially in the major oil & gas producing countries. Our rigorous and impeccable oil & gas legal services are extended under the following broad categories:

  • Exploration, Development, and Exploitation of oil & gas
  • Formation of oil & gas companies or corporations
  • Refining and Distribution of oil & gas
  • Transmission System and Pipelines
  • Safety and Security at production factory
  • Project Finance
  • Taxation and Tax Planning
  • Insurance
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Oil & Gas Marketing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)