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Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment sector is one of the major and most prominent economic sectors of any country. Therefore, our organization essentially offers responsible, impeccable, and economical media and entertainment legal services in India and other countries. The extensive gamut of media and entertainment law encompasses the industries of Motion Pictures and Films, Television, Publishing and Printing, Music, Telecommunication and Broadcasting, Advertisement, Visual Arts and Design, Internet, Multimedia, Theatre, and so on. In the sections below, described are the various media and entertainment legal practice areas in which our well-connected and experienced firm provides prompt and rigorous services and expert advice, to all people and professionals, agencies and companies, and institutions and organizations of this media and entertainment sector.

Media and Entertainment Legal Practice

Due to its vastness and diversity, the media and entertainment law covers a variety of legal fields. The most common and prominent media and entertainment legal practice areas are - Intellectual property Law, Taxation Law, Labor and Employment Law, Project Finance, Company Law, Business and Commercial Law, Securities Law, Bankruptcy Law, Insurance Law, Real Estate and Construction Law, Corporate Finance, and other Civil and Criminal Laws.

Our globally reputed organization has been extending exquisite and reliable media and entertainment legal services in connection with all these laws to film production companies, film and television studios, film producers, TV Channels, film financers, actors and actresses, publishing houses, broadcasting companies, artists, and other professionals and agencies of the media and entertainment sector, of India or abroad. Our media and entertainment legal advice is prominent worldwide for being practical, strategic, visionary, and highly profitable, regarding any of these media and entertainment legal issues mentioned above.

Media and Entertainment Law Firms

Our organization is one of the most eminent and popular firms of India and other parts of the world, which provided well-rounded media and entertainment legal services and advice for all diverse fields or areas of this sector, under a single organization. For such objectives, generally most of the media and entertainment law firms have many diversified practice groups, like ours. It is observed in real practice that, the media and entertainment legal issues fall under the two main categories of services - the Transactional services and the Litigation services. Our firm commands experienced and expert lawyers and attorneys for both these categories of services to the media and entertainment sector most conveniently and better. Our media and entertainment legal services are offered under the following main and major categories:

  • Intellectual Property Law (all Copyright and Trademark issues, or Infringement on these)
  • Establishment of Production Company, Film Studio, or TV Channel
  • Company and Corporate Law Matters
  • Business and Commercial Law Issues
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Taxation and Tax Planning
  • Insurance
  • Broadcasting and Publishing
  • Advertisement and Publicity
  • Telecommunication
  • Project Finance
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Contempt and Defamation Issues (Libel, Slanders, etc.)
  • Secrecy, Confidentiality, and Privacy
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)