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Logo Registration

The Trademark and Logo Registration is a highly significant part of company formation and business establishment. After all, these are the elements associated with a company, institution, or business corporation, which offer it public prominence and popularity, and clearly and indubitably distinguish its products or services, from the similar products and services of other companies. A unique identity, brand reputation, and goodwill are earned by these invaluable and magnificent assets of intellectual property of a company or organization. The right and proper logo registration of unique and impeccable logo, keeps at bay all possibilities of trademark infringement or litigation, and promotes fully fledged and booming business peacefully and boldly.

Our well-established and eclectic service organization has been serving entrepreneurs, business owners, companies and industries, and business corporations and organizations of diverse sectors of economy, belonging to countries all around the world, in their almost all matters, issues, and disputes they face, during the performance of their domestic and international business. We therefore, essentially undertake the tasks of trademark registration, logo registration, online logo registration, and all diverse types of company registrations, for conduction of their business in their native country, or the targeted foreign countries.

Logo Registration Process

A Logo is nothing but a sign or mark of unique identity and striking creativity. It can act as the lifeblood of a business for the specified product or service of a company. Hence, there are a variety of aspects and objectives associated with the selection of a cherished and impressive logo. Knowing and seeing your products or services, we can readily and expertly provide bright suggestions and advice for choosing the most suitable and perfect logo to your business, irrespective of your field of activity. Our ingenious, imaginative, visionary, and discerning business logo solutions can certainly and immensely help the business owners of all sectors.

The logo registration process encompasses the Logo Search, Filing of Logo Registration Application, Examination and Approval of Logo Registration Application, and the Issuance of Logo Registration Certificate by the concerned and proper logo registration authority. In addition to exclusive support in the selection of appropriate business logo, we help our clients also in comprehensive Logo Search process, prosecution for quick logo registration and approval, and in the overall logo registration process, all the way. Below is given information about how to register a logo online.

Register Your Logo Online

The online logo registration is faster and cheaper, as compared to the traditional procedures for logo registration. It saves lots of time, money, energy, and activities in making contacts. However, it is always better to verify the uniqueness of your logo through comprehensive logo search, to avert any probable trademark infringement claims, or rejection of logo registration application. After receiving your application for online logo registration the concerned authority will issue an acknowledgement certificate, but will take ample time for the verification of logo’s distinctness and uniqueness, by logo searching through all previously registered and applied logos. Confusing, ambiguous, and objectionably similar logo will be then published in the journal of the trademark office for inviting any objections within specified period of time. If no objection is filed within this period, then the applied logo will be selected for proper logo registration. Our well-informed and experienced intellectual property professionals and lawyers have been accomplishing the tasks of online logo registration promptly and rigorously.