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India is one of the most prominent countries of the Asia Continent, and also of the world, which has been receiving an enormous number of immigration every year, from countries of all across the world. India is at par with other developed countries of the world such as United States, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, UK, etc in respect of global immigration to it, for a rather broad range of purposes. There has been considerable increase in the amount of immigration in india, in the recent years, owing to a variety of reasons, the most prominent of which are ever-expanding and growing economy of India, liberal policies for foreign direct investment in India, globalization of trade, development in all major and significant sectors of its economy, extensive Indian market for diverse businesses, global tourism, advancement in aviation and hospitality sectors, etc.

Our well-established and experienced organization has been providing all-round support and advice to every category of immigrant in India, in connection with the immigration laws of India, immigration forms, immigration attorneys, and other immigration services to the foreign investors belonging to diverse sectors of commerce and profession.

Immigration Facts

Immigration has given people and professionals of all over the world, shelter and employment, and opportunities to flourish and prosper. Every year a large number of professionals of diverse disciplines go to developed and developing countries of all across the world, in search of promising and cherished jobs, including immigration to India. The immigration laws help them in finding temporary or permanent settlement in the concerned country, and also in obtaining citizenship of the visited country. Safety of its unity, sovereignty, people, resources, law and order, and occupational activities carried out in any part of it, is of the paramount importance to the immigration law of any country and its authorities. Our service organization has been offering elegant and economical solutions to all different immigration problems of the immigrants in India, for various specified purposes, in any part of it. In order to avail our prompt and responsible immigration services, immigration form online is provided.

Immigration Statistics

India receives over 3% of the total immigration of the world every year. Immigrants to India fall under the categories of industrial and corporate investors, entrepreneurs, academicians, professionals of diverse disciplines, educationists, students, labor, employees, business explorers, tourists, medical services, and so on. These immigrants visit India, for short and long periods of time, and also for permanent settlement in any part of it, after acquiring its proper citizenship. The immigration in india under these categories is made by people of all across the world, both from developed and developing countries which include US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Korea, Belgium, Brazil, and its neighboring countries. The amount in each category of immigration in india, changes from year to year. Our immigration services are readily available regarding the passport and visa (business visa, student visa, employment visa, tourist visa, medical visa, etc.), citizenship, foreign direct investments, temporary or permanent settlements, diverse business establishments, and international business requirements.