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FPO Registration

The FPO Registration means registration under the Fruit Products Order, 1955 of India, which is exclusively governed by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries. This Fruit Products Order (FPO) of 1955 has been promulgated under Section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act, and aims to maintain and regulate high food quality and food safety measures, hygienic processing and packaging conditions, and optimal nutritional value, of all products falling under its governance. Products and Commodities covered under this FPO are in the categories of - processed fruits and vegetables, vinegar, synthetic syrups, sweetened aerated water, fruit pulp and juices, canned fruits and vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits, fruit based ready-to-serve beverages, pickles, jams, squashes, chutneys, vegetable curries, mushroom products, and many more. Today, the total installed production capacity of fruits and vegetables, by the fruit and vegetable processing industries of the country, is over 2 million tones. Below are mentioned the fpo registration guidelines.

Need To Register FPO

Proper fpo registration serves in authenticating the high quality and full food safety of the concerned products in every part of India. This certification commands the same status in the processed fruit and vegetable sector as the Agmark certification in the agricultural products sector. Therefore, for selling processed fruit and vegetable products in any part of India, a company must be registered and certified by FPO registration, for adequate creditability, popularity, and goodwill. This fact also holds good for all foreign companies desirous of doing business in India, involved in the businesses of this processed fruit and vegetable sector. Moreover, the imports of processed fruit and vegetable items must meet the standards of FPO in India.

Our organization provides rigorous and expeditious fpo registration services for quite reasonable and affordable charges for industries and companies established in all across India. We have been providing elegant and excellent services for company registrations, Agmark Certification, ISO Certification, and an extensive range of corporate and business law services, to diverse sectors of commerce and economy in India and abroad.

FPO Registration Procedure

The fpo registration process encompasses comprehensive examination of company details, its products, processes, and policies. Periodic inspections are also carried out from time to time. Our organization has been offering fpo registration guidelines and its registration services to companies of India and other countries of the world, especially who are interested in doing business in India.

The main requirements for fpo registration, are the following:

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Name and Address of the Firm/Company
  • Details of Company and its Products
  • Copy of authenticated test reports, from any FPO recognized food testing Laboratory
  • Company Registration Certificate from any ROC, AOA & MOA in case of a Limited Company, or the Partnership Deed if the applicant is a Partnership Firm
  • Company’s Bank Account, PAN, TAN, etc.
  • Turnover of the Last Year
  • NOC from the Local Government Authority
  • Water Analysis Report (Chemical and Bacteriology)
  • Sample of the Products (in packets of 500gm/1Kg)
  • Manufacturing Date/Month/Year