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FCRA Registration

The FCRA (Foreign Contribution and Regulation Act) Registration is pre-requisite for acquiring any types of foreign funding or grants from any foreign source. The foreign funding, contributions, or grants, are provided by foreign agencies and organizations for supporting and promoting diverse developmental programs and activities for the general or specific advantages and benefits of the targeted people residing in the specified regions of the receiving countries. These foreign contributions are received usually by registered associations, societies, trusts, and other non-governmental organizations, besides the governmental organizations. Every country desires that such foreign funds and contributions be utilized for noble purposes in any part of it, without any nefarious or antinational activities or missions. The FCRA is promulgated to avert all such misappropriations of foreign funds and grants within the country. The foreign contribution and regulation act in every country has been enacted to facilitate and regulate optimally the acquisition, acceptance, and utilization of all foreign contributions received by any legal entities of it, in any time. Thus, this fcra act seeks to make all generous foreign contributions magnificent, through promoting proper utilization of these strictly for the specified noble objectives. The FCRA department of the concerned country issues an FCRA Registration Number (permanent) to the applicant, for use in all future correspondence, and filing of returns and forms.

Vastly experienced in providing a rather comprehensive range of professional and punctilious services to people, companies, and business corporations pertaining to diverse fields of commerce and economy of countries of all across the globe, our organization also offers prompt fcra registration service, including the fcra registration online.

FCRA Registration Facts and Guidelines

The foregoing are basic facts behind the requirement for fcra registration. This fcra registration is available for two main categories of needs. Its first category deals with the permission for acquiring one time foreign fund from the specified any one foreign source. The other category deals with the necessity to obtain regular foreign funds from many different foreign sources. There are proper provisions for tackling both these types of requirements under the fcra act.

Apart from the traditional in-person and manual fcra registration, facilities for the fcra online are also available now-a-days. Besides offering expert advice over fcra registration and fcra registration online, our dedicated professionals and lawyers have also been performing such registrations on behalf of associations, trusts, societies, and social-development organizations, active in India and other countries. Our expeditious and economical services for online fcra registration india, have helped a large number of NGOs, Associations, Trusts, and Social Welfare Organizations of India, which are hugely successful in every part of the country.

For fcra registration the basic requirements includes - well-audited financial accounts by any accredited chartered accountant, for at least three consecutive financial years; details of all developmental activities during last three (or more) years; certificate of society registration; copies of the articles of association (AOA), and the memorandum of association (MOA) of the association or society; a newly opened fresh bank account, meant especially for all foreign contributions; geographic details of the States and Districts proposed for developmental works; letters of the prospective donors; and other requisite information and documents.

FCRA Registration Around the World

Our well-connected service organization provides fcra registration for receiving foreign funds and contributions from any foreign donors, agencies, and organizations active in any fields. In India, the FCRA of 1976, is presently referred to for fcra registration. A new Foreign Contribution Regulation Bill, 2010, has been passed by the parliament, but is not at present brought into effect, and will take some time to come into force. The online fcra registration india is carried out under Section-6 of this FCRA, 1976. For one time foreign contribution the applicant has to seek Prior Permission through the Form FC-1A, from the FCRA Section of the Home Affairs of the Government of India. Whereas for multiple and regular foreign grants, the applicant has to make permanent registration through filing application as per the Form FC-8, will all requisite enclosures.