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Education sector is undoubtedly a magnificent sector of every economy which provides education and development opportunities to its human resource, employment to teaching faculties and other professionals and personnel, and scientific and technical progress of the nation. Therefore, our world-famous organization cannot afford to leave this vital sector of education deprived of our valuable and visionary education legal services. We cherish well-rounded development, progress, and prosperity of enlightening and elevating education sector in every country of all around the world. Our services and advice to this sector are mainly concentrated on diverse education legal issues, which are described in the sections below in this article. The beneficiaries of our responsible and scrupulous education legal services have been a large number of State and Federal Educational Boards, Students, Professionals (both technical and non-technical), Educators, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutes of Professional Education, Educational Trusts and Societies, Promoters of Education and Employment, Teachers and Professors, and Parents.

Education Legal Terms

The sector of education legal is concerned with establishment of educational institutions, their operations and management, courses and curriculum taught by these, employment and development of human resource, and their ultimate objectives and mission, both in the private and governmental sectors. The Education Law is a distinct branch of the Civil Law in any country, which governs and regulates Education at State and Federal levels, both in the private and governmental sectors, from the level pre-nursery to the higher education in universities. It advocates equal opportunities to every student without any discrimination, and promotes nobility and merit. There are a great many educational boards, councils, associations, agencies, and organizations, to regulate the primary and secondary education, higher education, and professional and technical education in every country. Our education legal services are strictly in accordance with the education laws and regulations of the concerned countries. Other associated laws and regulations with the education sector are - intellectual property law, taxation law, insurance law, business and commercial law, foreign exchange management regulations, rules governing technology transfer and innovation, regulations to publication and broadcasting, etc.

Education Law Associates

Our organization which has been offering legal and other services to the corporate and profession sectors of India and other countries for a long time is one of the worldwide reputed firms in the world for exquisite and responsible services to the education sector, particularly the education legal wing. We have helped millions in attaining immaculate operations and management, for peaceful and smooth running of all types of educational institutions, towards quicker and comprehensive achievement of its cherished and lofty objectives. Our education legal advice and services are provided for the following broad categories of education legal issues and matters:

  • Establishment of Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other Professional Education Institutions
  • All Documentary and Legal Compliances with concerned Authorities
  • Human Resource Employment, Management, and Development
  • Formulation of Educational Curriculum and Courses
  • Instruction and Teaching Methods
  • Adoption or Transfer of Teaching Technology
  • Taxation and Tax Planning
  • Insurance
  • Infrastructural Development
  • Educational Project Finance
  • Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights