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Dr.Kainth & Associates

Dr. Kainth & Associates law firm is one of the fast growing and responsible law firms in India, with a quite broad range of legal and professional services to diverse fields of commerce and profession sectors. The Head Office of dr. kainth & associates is well-established in Bangalore, while its branch offices are located in the cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, in order to serve companies, institutions, and organizations established in all across the country. Address of its head office is given in the last section of this article for necessary information and contact. Founded by well-experienced legal visionary Dr. A. Kainth in the year 1995, dr kainth associates bangalore, is one of widely and hugely famous legal firms in Bangalore at present. This dr kainth associates law firm has a large team of well-learned and experienced legal professionals, rigorous and efficient professionals pertaining to the corporate and profession sectors, and para-legal staff, to cater elegantly and gratifyingly to the requirements of its clients in diverse commercial, industrial, and professional fields. Under the ambitious and bold direction and perfect and scrupulous instructions of DR. A. Kainth, this dr kainth associates india, is prospering fast to become one of the most reliable and prestigious law firms in India in near future.

Areas of Practice

The practice areas of dr. kainth & associates has been expanding and being diversified regularly since its inception. At present, the following are the major and main practice areas of this fast emerging law firm:

  • Company and Corporate Laws
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Business and Commercial Contracts and Laws
  • Labor and Employment Laws
  • Real Estate and Construction Laws
  • Litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • International Business and Trade
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)


Detailed contact address of the Head Office of dr kainth associates law firm, is given below:

Dr. Kainth & Associates

"Oak View", G-01, Ground Floor,

14, Haudin Road, Off Ulsoor Road,

Bangalore – 560042 (Karnataka, India)

Telephone: +91-080-25320296/41135947/41135948/41135949.

Fax: +91-080-25320297.