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Doing Business in India

India is prominent all across the world, for a variety of reasons. This is the second most populous country in the whole world, and serves as an extensive market for products and services of all sectors of commerce, professions, and economy. It is home to a huge number of educated, talented, creative, and innovative professionals in almost all disciplines. The lower cost of business operation and labor in India, make India one of the most popular destination for business outsourcing. India has rich historical, cultural, and geographical heritages, immensely useful for education, research, and global tourism. There has been remarkable development in most of the major sectors of its economy in the recent decades. The rate of growth and progress in its economy is high and stable. Its international trade policies are quite liberal and favorable to the foreign direct investors pertaining to diverse sectors. India is one of the largest and fast-growing economies of the world, at present times, and is one of the major centers for worldwide business and trade, and global financial flow. Again, India receives a large number of immigration every year, to expand further more its consumer market, manpower availability, and cheap employment opportunities to business companies of all sectors. Thus, India is one of the most promising, connecting, and profitable country to establish a business in, or conduct business worldwide keeping a well-established center in it. These are the main and outstanding advantages of doing business in india. In the sections below are described various other benefits easily obtainable from doing business in india, together with the elegant tips for doing business in india most profitably.

Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing is being adopted in all major fields of commerce and profession in India gradually. Most of the large companies and multi-national business corporations doing business in india, are now preferring outsourcing activities for better efficiency, customer care and satisfaction, better quality of products and services, and overall huge profitability. Majority of the large companies have outsourced their non-core and customized business processes and activities to smaller or new companies for such purposes. They now fully understand the ways and methods of doing business in india culture better and optimally lucratively. The number of outsourcing companies is large in every major sector of commerce in India, including the information technology, telecommunication, education, marketing, manufacturing, computer software and hardware, tourism, hospitality, media, household products, and many more. Effective tips for doing business in india optimally profitably is the maintenance of consistent high quality, competitive and reasonable price or charge, noble business policies, ethical business dealings and transactions, adequate and efficient distribution network, and the spirit to serve customers and clients better.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Outsourcing (both onshore and offshore) has certain advantages and disadvantages associated with it, in almost all fields. Therefore, a comprehensive and mature deliberation is essential to companies looking to outsource their business process and operations to a company. However, many of the pitfalls of outsourcing can be averted through the selection of right, reliable, and experienced company to work with. The following are the outstanding advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing process. However, in general, the benefits obtained from outsourcing outweigh its disadvantages, if it is governed and regulated scrupulously.


  • Outsourcing of non-core business process and activities makes the company devote more concentration to its core competencies and activities, for better business growth, efficiency, productivity, and overall productivity.
  • Outsourcing frees the company from infrastructural resources, manpower, and investments in assets and technology.
  • Efficiency of the non-core and customized processes and activities is considerably increased by outsourcing, for better customer care and satisfaction.
  • Offshore outsourcing opens door to new competencies and business horizons.
  • Outsourcing can be quite cost-effective, saving costs on staff administration and management, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, which can be handled by the service provider.


  • One of the major disadvantages of outsourcing is the open risk of losing invaluable and sensitive data about the business. Confidentiality, too, can be harmed.
  • The service provider may not able to handle the given task properly, intelligently, or as per your marketing strategies and business policies.
  • The service provider may not give 100% commitment to your work, as it might be handling the works of other companies like yours.