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Dispute Resolution

Disputes may be of any type ranging from trade, agreement, employment, obligation to pay and many more. These disputes may be occurring between corporate sectors or private individuals. There are many reasons that arise while resolving these disputes in respect of who is the main culprit or who is responsible for dispute. In civil cases, parties are often the first contact with each other, and explore the possibilities to get consensus on the matter. If both parties agree as per the agreed consensus, the matter will be treated as a rule, without input from the public. Here, it is important to get through the appropriate legal advice in terms of dispute resolution. This ensures to have a best outcome from the matter. Disputes are generally such that individuals and companies in need of experts, appropriate care, in particular legal proceedings. In matters of dispute resolution, shall first examine the possibility of finding an amicable solution between the parties. There is a huge list of law firm in India that works on dispute resolution.

Dispute Resolution Process

Dispute resolution basically indulge in the process of making an agreement between parties who are not able to compatible with each other while working together in the world of commerce and trade. Lawsuits, arbitration, collaborative law, mediation, conciliation, many types of negotiation and facilitation are some of the ways or we can say effective methods to follow the activity of dispute resolution. Under these methods, lawsuit / litigation is one of the major ways to work-out for dispute resolution.

  • In arbitration, parties are expected to have worthy outcome.
  • In conciliation, collaborative law, negotiation or mediation, dispute resolution is generally follow to end up with consensus agreement.
  • Arbitration, Negotiation and Mediation methods are generally follow while resolving the dispute with international trade.

Dispute resolution process is usually followed to bring a healthy and mutual agreement among the dispute parties. Well, for economy and trade development, dispute between international parties may result in complete disaster of international business. Thus, dispute resolution processes have played a vital role in bring the dispute parties together in order to move ahead with their innovative activities.

Dispute Resolution Services

Dispute resolution services proceedings usually solves the final court of dispute resolution. Here, under the same service, arbitration is the mail keyword to be worked with. This process is being followed by an officially appointed person to get the dispute resolved between the parties. Arbitration is the party’s consensus agreement that base on the situation of the Arbitration Act, the Companies Act, or for example, the Central Chamber of Commerce rules. The arbitration / dispute resolution online proceedings are the advantages of speed and the fact that the costs saved when the matter dealt with only once. We, as a law firm in india, have handled a variety of arbitrations. We will be happy to include more regarding how arbitration agreements are expected to, and how different options affect including the costs. Well, top law firm is always concerned to offer the procedure that too has produced good results. The main objective of dispute resolution services is to have the matter quickly resolve through the mediator in order to find a business oriented solution to the dispute so that the parties’ can able to build a contractual relationship or other forms of cooperation can continue.