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Crawford Bayley & Co

Being an international firm has served its Indian clients with complete dedication and adherence. Prior days of its establishment in India, the firm was not too strong that the today it is. Earlier it was lack of experienced attorneys and well qualified partners. But now the crawford bayley & co. of Mumbai have reached to the top of the peak, where it’s strength is matched with top 10 law firms of india. All these because of great and valuable support of its partners and well experienced team of attorneys. As we further the company of crawford bayley co law firm constitutes 12 partners, 75 individuals attorneys and over 100 associates with 15 paralegal personnel staff. All these teams of distinct and unique partners and attorneys have made the crawford bayley & co. advocates & solicitors as one of the major and favorable segment of law firms of India.

Crawford Bayley & Co was established in the year of 1830 and since then it’s solely aim is to define the firm of Crawford Bayley as one of the biggest and strengthful law firm of India. This aim of getting No.1, has been proved as a blessing for the company of Crawford Bayley legal firm. Well, here you will find the complete scenario of credibility and loyalty on the part of attorneys while serving its clients with great care. Because of its capability of broad thinking has put the firm on the mark under the list of top 10 Indian law firms. Well, apart from corporate and commercial law services, there are many other law services that have been served by crawford bayley & co. advocates & solicitors of Mumbai in India.

Areas Of Practice

There are the several areas where the crawford bayley & co. have examined their hands likewise capital market, banking and corporate law, labor and employment law, merger and acquisition, information technology and lots more. Besides these services, there are many more legal segments where the crawford bayley & co. served its global clients all across the world. Trustful and worthy services are the two fundamentals with the crawford bayley & co. has been accompanied while serving to its potential clients. Here, below is the list of area of practices where the crawford bayley & co. examined their hands to resolve the varied legal matters.

  • Banking and Finance
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business and Industry
  • Commercial Law
  • Contracts
  • Corporate Law
  • Employment
  • Environmental and Natural Resources
  • Environmental Law
  • Litigation
  • Natural Resources
  • Property Law
  • Science and Technology
  • Tax
  • Trade Investment


Crawford bayley & co. as one of the famous law firms of India has managed to maintain its goodwill and reputation in the market of Mumbai. If you want to contact the same then please log in to below mentioned address of crawford bayley & co. in order to avail services in respect of any legal matters.

State Bank Buildings,

4th floor N. G. N. Vaidya Marg

Mumbai - 400 023


Phone +91 22 22663713

Fax +91 22 22660355