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Copyright Trademark

Copyright that protects one’s expression of ideas and style of being happen. In this corporate sector with fiercely competition, the infringement is one of the common acts being happened with anyone. Copyright that covers only an expression; it does not cover methods of facts, operations or system. Whereas trademark that belongs to any set of words, phases, design or symbol that uses to differentiate one company to another of similar theme. It is a way to represent your brand or trade in the global market through graphical mode. Today, the trademark is an important corporate asset that is often accepted by small , medium-sized and by large scale companies and the policy of copyright make them too closer to take possible legal and lawful action in case of plagiarism, usurpation, fakes, imitations, etc.

How to copyright a trademark - It is well being said that without trademark it is no more to represent your company in the global market with distinct image. On other hand copyright that brings you with the protection in respect of your unique ideas and innovative work in terms of expressions. Well, here you can find copyright of your trademark in order to protect your brand from expression point of view. Here anyone who wants to copy the exact impression as you owned, you can claim an infringement on the same offenders.

Copyright trademark symbol

Trademark symbol consist of any word, phase or design in respect of graphical representation of a particular company. The basic requirements of perfect copyright trademark are the mark of originality and novelty. Originality in respect of non-generic mark where novelty in respect of new, creative and do not indulge with any copy from third party’s brand. Copyright trademark symbol must constitute all the attributes that one can easily brand his or her product in the corporate sector with the aim of earning profit.

Below are the facts with which the copyright trademark symbol can be existed.

  • Product with an innovative work under the theme of scientific, literary, educational, dramatic, religious.
  • Innovative works with musical compositions;
  • Choreographic innovations,
  • Creative works of painting, sculpture.
  • Innovative Ideas with drawings and architectural stuffs;
  • Innovative Ideas with cinematographic works,
  • Unique and Creative works of photographic art.

For the reasons of unique and creative expressions / style that we use to produce our product in order to make profit in the corporate sector, we need to copyright our trademark.

Copyright trademark office

Different country has distinct and unique set of rules for copyright trademark registration. Like India with 27 states and seven union territories, you often find copyright trademark office in different states and cities of the nation. For copyright trademark registration of a particular trademark you need to file an application for NOC with trademark registrar office of a particular state. After getting NOC; one can follow the procedures for the same. Well, it is suggested to avail the worthy services from any of the top law firm in india that usually equipped with all types of IPR services in order to take your business from surprising acts of copying, plagiarism or infringement from any third party. Thus, keep on surfing with law firm in india and just mail us through online form from where we back to you with best IPR services.

As per the above worthy information about the Copyright Trademark and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Copyright Trademark in the different segments of the nation.